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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hello to all my friends,
I just wanted to update on what has been going on in my life. Tomorrow morning I am going for a Pulmonary test for my breathing, since I have had a terrible time over the past several months & not being able to afford my meds.
Then Friday afternoon I go to see my Oncologest for the results on all my tests, to make sure that no cancer has returned. Prayers please for me. Thank you.
I still do not know when I am having my back surgery again to fix my loose screw & the other issue with the rods. I am sure not looking forward to that again.
I still haven't done any crafts, because of all the pain I've been in & family issues going on. I just haven't been in the mood yet.
My FIL was takened to the ER again a couple of days ago & was admitted. He now has pneumonia on top of having terminal cancer. More prayers please.
I really would love to have good news in my life, instead of always sad.
One good thing of the day, my oldest son turned 30 years old today. It seems like he was just 3 years old, but now 30, with a family of his own. Where has the time gone? Too fast I think. Boy, I am getting old, LOL.

I would really like to hear from everybody to let me know, if there is any good news in your lives. Or if you are dealing with sad news & would like to share, I'm hear to listen.
Keep checking back & hoping that I will be sharing good news with you.
Please Lord Bless my family & all my dear friends with good health & happiness.

Hope you had a Wonderful & Blessed Day.



  1. Denise,

    Glad to see you are finding the time to write on your blog.

    I know you will be ok, each day I ask God to watch over you and your family.

    Happy Birthday Christopher! Our children are God's blessings to us. Isn't it wonderful to have them in our lives?

    Love always, Marie

  2. Hi My Friend,
    I have been missing our little talks. If you get a chance drop me an email. I would love to have your phone number & address. I would love to talk with you. I have started my blog back up today. I am trying to craft some again. Get in touch with me, please.
    Your Southern Friend,