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Friday, April 29, 2011

Gathered Desk Skirt

Happy Friday to everybody.

Today I finished the skirt cover up for my old antique desk. This desk is my grandma's & is over 100 years old. I think that it is mahogany wood, but I'm not sure. This poor piece of  furniture has gotten so beat up over the years, but it has served many purposes & I don't want to give it up.
This is why I wanted to make a skirt cover up so it would look a little nicer in my craft room & the material matches the curtains that I made.
Before I give you my supplie list, I wanted to explain about Velcro aka hook & loop.
For the adv id users this isn't new to you, but for anyone that has never used this product I thought it would be nice to explain a little info about this product.
There are so many different kinds of hook & loop from the sew on kind to the stick which I used for my project.
Hook & loop can be very pricey & when I need a lot of it, I measure the length then when I buy the product I only get half as many yards as I need.
See what I do is I cut the product length wise that way I will get double the amount. When you buy hook & loop, you have to buy the yardage you need of the hook side & then the same amount for the loop side.
So, if for example it cost $2.69 per yard, it will cost you $2.69 for a yard of the hook side & another $2.69 for a yard of loop side. This is why I buy half of what I really need & cut the lengths in half to save money.
Just a little tip in case you haven't done the same thing.
Oh yes also, the hook side is the soft fuzzy side & the loop side is as it says the loopy side.

Supplies I used;
4 yards of large cotton check material by Moda
White cotton thread by Melrose
Hook & Loop Stick On kind,1 1/4 yards ( remember I only purchased half of what I needed to save money & cut length wise to end up with right amount)
My Singer Futura sewing/embroidery machine
My Kenmore serger (which I used to piece  & finish off the sections  of the skirt together)

Well I hope that you enjoyed another step in getting my craft room ready.

Remember, I love getting comments & thanks to all that left me the recent ones. When getting all your comments, it encourages  me to craft & post more.

I hope that you had a wonderful & blessed day.
Hugs, Dee

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