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I am a retired married mom of two grown boys & three grandchildren. I spend my free time crafting & creating new designs. Crafting is my therapy & it is a very rewarding gift.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Oh, what a day it has been for me. It's amazing that when you have anything that was suppose to be fixed on your body, the after effects can really be strange. I always know now when it is going to rain or storm, I feel like WILLIE THE WEATHER MAN LOL. I woke up this morning, it was warm & sunny, but I hurt so much that I knew something was going to happen & didn't even know what the weather was going to be.
Then what happened this afternoon it started to sprinkle & tonight it has been pouring.
So that said, I didn't have a lot of energy & didn't start working on my project until around 8pm. Sorry, but nothing to show Y'all today, but I will give you a hint on what I started working on.
It's 4 different  wood shapes, that I have sanded, painted, sanded & painted once more. Then I lightly sanded again to distress. I just love distressing things, cause it makes things look like they have had a life & have been around for awhile, but still in great shape. Distressing gives it character & I feel makes it more interesting. WHAT DO YOU THINK?
Terrie, my hubby said thank you so much & he told me that this was the best birthday that he has ever had, cause so many friends thought of him this year. He hopes to meet you & your hubby someday after we move to Virginia, then we will be southern friends instead of your northern friends.
Has your RA any better this week?
Marie, I have been thinking of you & your hubby too, why do we all have to deal with this pain?
My mom always told me that the good Lord will never give you something that you can't handle & it will make you strong for it. I just think that I have been through enough in my life & I would like some happiness instead of pain & sadness.
I am praying for all of us to get better. I love you all.
I hope you will be back to see what today's project will be.
Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hello To Everyone,

I didn't do any crafting today, because today was my hubbys' birthday. Wow, he turned 50 & still not as old as me LOL, we will always be 7 years apart. I got up early & made him his favorite cake, which is strawberry short cake with homemade angel food cake, fresh strawberries & of course fresh whipped cream.
My oldest son & his family called to wish him a happy birthday. Then we decided to go & visit my in-laws who live about an hour away. So I wrapped up the cake & off we went. My youngest son, his fiance' & the baby got there after we did. We all had a nice visit, enjoyed the cake & stayed until around 6pm.
When we got home I had some laundry to do & I know that I shouldn't be doing that on a Holly day, but sometimes a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do. I am so tired & just want to go to sleep.
Marie, I want to thank you for the kind words about my quilling. I still have a lot to learn, but I am determine to get really good at it. I am hoping that I can make a little extra money with my designs.
I hope all my followers had a great Sunday & I wish Y'all well.
I don't know what tomorrow will bring yet, so I guess you will have to stop back & see.
Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day tomorrow.
I hope to see you then.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hello There My Friends,

I know that I didn't post anything yesterday & I will tell you why.
On Thursday evening I was working on my last quill project for the week. I put the idea on paper first to see how it was going to look, but I must of re-arranged the pattern 20 times. I just wasn't happy the way it was looking & that's why you should always as a designer sketch out your idea before you get to work. Even if you are designing a quilt, counted cross stitch, a quill design, a card, a scrapbook page or anything else you want to make. It is a lot easier to erase than to waste materials & pull something apart if it doesn't look right to you.
I honestly had a terrible time finding a layout that looked good to me. Finely, when I was almost happy with what I sketched, I took out my supplies & got to work. I stayed up quite late & I had been working on it for hours. Then on Friday afternoon I went back to it & worked a few hours more, then again after dinner went back again until  very late Friday night. I was so exhausted & I still wasn't done. I really didn't think that this design would of taken me so many hours to finish.
I had to go out today & didn't get back to it until after dinner. I thought I was done, stepped back, looked & I thought there was something missing. So I quilled some more & said to myself I think I'm done, but nope I wanted to put on a bow, stepped back again, looked & thought YES It's COMPLETE, FINALLY.
I was then happy with my design. I also put a quote to the left of the pot it says, WHERE FLOWERS BLOOM SO DOES HOPE.
I am not going to explain how I made it sorry, but if anybody would like to know I will email you.
I must say when you make something like this, I really feel that it will be one of a kind. You can always make another one to look like the original, but it will never be exactly the same & so THAT MAKES IT AN ORIGINAL.
It was a lot of work, a lot of hours, but in the end, what a beautiful reward it is to enjoy.

I hope that you feel the same as I do when you look at this wonderful project.
Take a look at my design & leave me a comment about what you think about it. ENJOY!
I hope that your weekend is going great & I hope that it will be a Wonderful & Blessed One.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday A Day Of New Designs

Hello All,
It was a partly cloudy & cool day here in PA, but a nice one. My future DIL called when I was resting to invite me to her home for the afternoon, so I could see the baby & to spend some time together. I didn't know that she called until 2 hours later when my hubby remembered to tell me, then it was too late. I felt so bad so I called & left her a message apologizing for not getting back to her a lot earlier, I haven't heard from her yet so I am hoping it will be ok.

Last night I was talking to my other DIL & she was interested about what I was making for today. I told her what I had gotten done so far, but I had an issue about the little bird on the perch. She mentioned an idea since I was unable to pick up a little bird at the store. She said that can you make a bird & I said I don't see why not. On that thought it gave me an idea to go to my CRICUT EXPRESSION & use the SONGBIRD cart. There I found the right bird & also a nice lamp post also to put on my birdhouse.

These are the supplies that I used:


I first did a light sanding, then painted the front background in Nightfall Blue, the hole opening, the perch & in between the lattice.
Then I painted the trim, lattice under eves of roof & base of the birdhouse in Burnt Umber
Glue pattern paper to back & sides of birdhouse
Then glue the strip paper to the roof
Then lightly sand all edges to look distressed
I then quilled the blue flowers after quilling each petal & 2 brown centers
Cut & glued to fit the stems & leaves
Then I made all the black quilled pieces & glued to lamp post & glue the yellow orange quilled roll for the light
Last made the quilled pieces in the blue & black for the bird.
Glued the bird on perch & the lamp post to the right side of the birdhouse



Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Boy it is so chilly here today & the weather report said that today was suppose to be the warmest day of the week, I don't think so. I don't know if I will be going for that walk. I can handle the cool weather cause I can always bundle up, but it is just that I have been hurting so much today, so we will see.

This is my third craft project that I finished last night. I took the idea from quilling on car cut out, so I thought I would try it with an apple cut out.

Here are the supplies that I used:

A 4"x5" wood plaque with a cut out of an apple (purchased at AC Moore)
Sand paper
Folk Art Paint-Sunflower
Assorted quill papers in reds, oranges, greens & browns 1/8" wide each

Start with sanding the wood to get all the rough spots off.
Paint one coat, let dry & sand again to distress
Start quilling the stem with the browns, cutting in lengths of 6"
Then do the leaf with the greens, same length 6"
When doing the apple start with the darker red to the left & quill around all the outside edges.
Continue quilling the apple working lighter reds to center ending with the oranges, with 8" lengths

Your done
This project is a cute idea for someone who likes the apple theme, or for a doctor & of course a teacher.
Hope you liked this project & I hope I will receive some more comments.

I also would like to thank my newest follower for signing up, The Purple Scrapbooker. I hope that you will like it here, I  hope to hear from you & that you will tell all your friends about my blog.

Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day.
Hope that you will stop by tomorrow to see what I have created next.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hey Y'all,
How was your day? I hope it was a happy & healthy one. This afternoon my hubby said that he wanted to go for a walk & I told him that I was going too. So I put on my heavy long sweater, grabbed my walking cane just in case I felt like I was going to fall, because of my leg the way it is. We took both of our little doggies Bruiser & Chee Chee with us & had a nice walk, but when we got back my hands & face were so cold, but the air felt so good. I love the fresh air & tomorrow if it doesn't rain we are going to try it again. My leg is killing me, but it's a good pain LOL.

After dinner I started to work on another quilled project for tomorrow, I hope.
I finished the one that I am posting today last night. I thought it was a cute idea for my sons auto repair shop. So this is how I made it:

QUILLED PAPER in 3 colors- 1/8" wide each  in white, black & silver,cut each piece 4" long,except tires use 8" piece with a 4'' piece of silver glued to one end of a 8'' piece of black
White glue ( I used ALEENES cause it dries clear)
sand paper
A sticker with a comment
FOLK ART paint- Berrywine

First sand wood to take off rough edges.
Paint one coat, let dry & sand again to distress
First do the tires start rolling with the silver then continue with black, so silver will be in the center of the tire, replicating a wheel.
Next work on the body with silver
Fill in the window & stripe with white
Roll a 3" piece of black for a door handle
Roll a 4" piece of back, flatten one side of roll to make a side mirror
Roll another the same as the mirror & glue to the front of the car as a head light
Cut a 2" piece of silver &glue on as an antenna


Hope you enjoyed this project & please stop back tomorrow for a new one.
Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day

Monday, October 18, 2010


Hello Everybody,
Well here it is the first day of the week, a cool but beautiful Fall day. Starting today through Friday, I will be posting a finished craft item one each day that I have made to sell in my sons auto repair showroom.
I will also post a brief explanation of what supplies needed to make each item & how I did it.
Now if you like this craft project & would love to give one as a gift or for yourself, but do not have the time to make it yourself, I will also be selling it here online.
Also, I would be very happy to make custom orders, such as in a different color, please contact me.

So here is the first craft project of this week


A 5"x7" wood shadow box
Folk Art paint- Wicker White
Delta Ceramcoat- Nightfall Blue
Patterned paper that looks like fabric cut to 5 1/4"x 7 1/4" from Hot Off The Press
A contrasting 4 1/2" square paper for base to put the 4 blocks on from Scenic Route
4) 1 1/2" squares of white card stock for each quilled design
2) tiny buttons to match quilling
4 shades of blue quilling paper
2 shades of green quilling paper
A craft sewing machine with contrasting thread
The 4 quilt squared patterns that I used are from QUILLED CREATIONS QUILT BLOCK SAMPLER,I used different colors & mixed & matched the block designs, so it would be different than the original blocks
Some sand paper
glue of your choice, I used Aleenes cause it dries clear
Quilling tool, tweezers, quilling circle sizer ruler & scissors

First sand the shadow box, paint one coat white inside & out, let dry. Lightly sand, paint with blue, let dry, sand to distress along edges
Next quill each block design on each of the white card stock squares
Glue 2 buttons to the center of 2 blocks
Sew down center of the 4 1/2" square, then sew across from left to right to intersect, last sew around all sides to make a border.
Glue each block in between each sewn area
Glue the 4 1/2" on point centered on the background paper
Glue finished design to cardboard backing piece.
Make sure the glass in the frame is clean inside & out
Place finished design in frame & secure
That's it, Enjoy
Hope I will hear from you what you think  about this first project
Stop by tomorrow to see the next project that I will post on my blog.
Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hi everyone,
I know that I haven't been posting for the past few days, sorry for that. Unfortunately I had some health issues & it set me back.
So this evening I got back to my crafting for my sons shop & tomorrow I will have the first craft item to show you & I will even explain to you how I made it.
Then maybe if you like what I made you maybe will like to make one too.
Or if you don't have the time to do it yourself & would like to give one as a gift, just contact me because  I am making these craft items to sell.
I really hope that your Sunday was a wonderful & Blessed Day.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


 Don't be surprised everybody, but there isn't much to say today. I worked on my crafts for a couple of hours & did a few other things.
In the morning I have to get up very early, because I am going with my future DIL & my grandson to the docs about an hour away. We have to leave the house by 8:30am to be there on time. My grandson has had trouble swallowing, so he is going for some kind of therapy. He is so young to be going through this, I am praying & I am so tired of things happening in my family that isn't good things.
Marie, thanks for the ideas for Christmas projects, I have been getting some great ideas for the Holidays to make. I will be doing the HOME letters to sell, but they are a little smaller than the ones I did for myself..
The shadow box that I'm working on with quilling inside, I feel is coming out really nice.
I am going to go to bed & I will be back tomorrow, I hope you will too.
Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Not too much going on today, I had planned on going out but a check that I deposited from Medicare on Friday hasn't cleared yet. I wanted to pick up my meds & I had a few things to still get at AC Moore for the things that I am making, but I want to only make one trip out. So I will wait until I can do everything in one day.
See I like to save gas & since one store is on my way to the other one, it makes more sense to me to do it all in one outing. Plus I am not the type of person to run out everyday, I like being home & doing things around  the house.
I worked on some quilling ideas this evening for one of the frames that I was painting yesterday & I have to say what I did tonight really came out very nice. I hope when I finally finish it & it's put all together Y'all will like the finished project too.
I am very grateful for having 8 followers so far, but I just wish I would hear from all of you. When I did the HOME DECOR WEEK I thought more of you would of left me a comment.
So please everybody what would you like to see on my blog? Any suggestions anyone? Come on, I know you have something on your mind that you would like to see if I can make it or not. I will be checking to see if anybody has any ideas.
I am also worried about my two friends that always leave a comment, are you both OK? I'm hoping that you have been just busy & that you ladies are just fine.
Hope that everybody had a Wonderful & Blessed Day.

Monday, October 11, 2010


I am sooo bad because I got up so very late today. Sorry to keep on complaining, but I was aching so bad it's  like I can predict the weather. I just couldn't motivate myself, then around 2pm our neighbor who recently moved away, stopped in for a short visit. She had back surgery a little over a week ago & she came back with a friend to pick up some more of her things. It was so great to see her, because she will be missed as our neighbor. I told her that I feel her pain, because she was cut across her tummy & the docs put in pins & replaced a couple of discs.
I had all my discs replaced, since mine were all deteriorated, I have 2 rods, one on each side of my spine & also a few bolts & screws. I bet I can tune in & get some music with all the metal in my back. So I do know the pain that she is in, it's an awful pain. Even though her surgery wasn't as involved as mine & she was only in the hospital a week, any kind of back surgery, a person will always have some kind of effects afterwards.
Later in the day, I worked on my wooden things & base coated 3 frames, since I have all the painting done on the larger birdhouse & the 2 mini birdhouses.
Now the next step for the birdhouses is to glue the decorative papers to them. I found some very pretty papers to coordinate with the paint. Then I would like to do some quilling on them, a bird, some moss, then I should be done with these.
I apologize for being such a ninny LOL, because I was so excited about making these craft items to put in my sons shop, I forgot to take pics of them before, when they were unfinished. But I think that you will be able to visualize what they looked like when they were just plain pine. SORRY FOR MY BRAIN FORGETTING.

This is a pic before I put the paper on, this will show you what they look like so far & the paper that I picked out. It probably doesn't look that great yet, but I hope when they are finished they will look good enough to sell & I am also showing the backs so you can see the unfinished wood.
I have to go back to AC Moore to pick up a few things that I will need, but I am waiting for a check that I deposited on Friday to clear, so I have enough $$$ to purchase these extra things. Then I will be done with the birdhouses to show you & to put aside until I finish some more craft items to take to the shop.
Hope your day was as nice as mine.
Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day tomorrow.


It's very late Sunday evening & I had another busy day. I did get out of bed very late, because I was aching so bad. I woke up to my baby grandson laughing in my face. I missed him so much & it was so nice to see his happy little face. When I finally got out of bed I had a cup of coffee, took a shower & then I started doing things that needed to be done around the house. I needed to get laundry done, but had to wait until Steven got back from the store to give me my bottle of detergent that I asked him to pick up for me. By the time I got 4 loads of laundry done with the help of my hubby, because it is impossible to take the wet heavy laundry out of the washer by myself, I just can't lift it, cause it pulls on my back.
After we had dinner, dishes got done, clothes were folded & put away, I was exhausted. I laid down to watch my favorite shows, got so sleepy then realized I hadn't posted anything on my blog.
First I looked to see if I had any comments & read the one I got from my friend Marie, I about cried, because she always says the kindness & sweetest things to me. I never realized that she wonders what I am up to during my day & I sure know that somehow, someway we will finally meet some day. And Marie always remember one thing when you are sad & that is all the good memories that you treasured with your son, like I do with my boys & now my grandchildren. Bless you Marie.
Well tomorrow I will get back to my crafting & maybe a little baking if I have enough time. So I hope everybodys' Sunday was a Wonderful & Blessed Day, because the weather here where I live was beautiful & my day was good.
See Y'all soon.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Oh how I wish this beautiful weather would stay a lot longer. I am not a winter person anymore, but when I was a child & when my boys were young I just loved playing in the snow & sledding. Not anymore unless my granddaughters are here for a visit, I will play in the snow not letting them know how every bone in my body aches. Wouldn't it be nice to be that young again & healthy without every part of your body yelling out, please give me a pain pill, so all us bones can rest LOL.
 I can't wait until we finally move to Virginia, where the warmer weather is around longer & the winters are shorter. My friend Marie whom lives in Mass., I just don't know how she handles  that cold weather & the way she is in so much pain like me. Even though she hurts Marie still keeps busy with her crafts & has recently made all her Christmas cards which are just beautiful. She is always on my mind & I am always worried about her.
 Then I have another friend Terrie whom I keep in touch with often, like Marie & I do. Terrie lives in N. Carolina which her weather is much warmer than Marie's, but my friend Terrie suffers with RA. She tries so hard to keep herself busy with her crafts, even with all the pain that her RA gives her in her hands & wrists she does beautiful work, too.
 I have met so many nice ladies whom are crafters, but we have never met in person. Maybe someday I will be able to meet each one in the future.
Here I am wishing for warm & nice weather to last, but what I am more grateful for is my precious crafting friends. Friendship is a precious gift when you know that you have true friends like I do & I know who my true friends are.
Many thanks my dear friends for being there for me & for all your encouragement that you have given me along the way.
Boy can I talk a lot, LOL. I apologize for going on about this, but it was on my mind & I needed to talk about it, but heck isn't that what a blog is all about to say what is on your mind?
Today, I went over to visit our neighbors who moved in a few months ago. They are such a nice couple in their 70's, but you would never know it. I can't believe all the work she did in her yard  in such a short time. She is in good health, but her hubby has a bad heart, but is so much fun to be around. Gloria loves to do decorative painting like me & they both grew up on a farm. They are real country folk like I am a country girl & love my roosters. My hubby & I said if we are allowed to have a rooster & hens on our new property, it will happen cause their is nothing like fresh eggs.
Anyway, Gloria sent me home with homemade molasses cookies fresh from the oven & also a nice afternoon visiting with Gloria & Rodney.
My son Steven got back from his trip to Florida this afternoon. He drove 19 hours & when he got home after dropping off his baby boy & his new fiance at her house, he went to bed & slept until early this evening. He told us he would never drive to Fl. ever again, he will fly next time unless he decides to move down there & I really feel that after they get married, they will move to Clearwater Fl, because he just loves it there.
I didn't get chance last night  to work on my first project for my sons showroom to sell, but this evening I got out my Folk Art paints & started painting the larger wooden birdhouse. It seems to be going well & tomorrow I am getting out my scrap booking paper to match what I have painted so far, so that should be interesting how that goes.
Oh yes, after Chris gets his showroom window done I will take a ride up there to take a pic. I will try to remember to give him a call tomorrow to see if he used the stencils yet on the window.
Well that's all for today & I hope Y'all will come back tomorrow to see what I am up to next.
Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day.

Friday, October 8, 2010


I was so happy that it was warm & the sun was out. I went to my sons repair shop to deliver the stencils that I made for him.
Sorry, but I didn't take any pics of the stencils before I gave them to him, but once he uses them & the window is done, I will try to get a pic of it all done.
If anybody is interested how I did it, I used my CRICUT EXPRESSION & THE GEORGE AND BASIC SHAPES  cart & cut each letter out. He wanted the name & phone number at least 10" high, so I set each letter with the BUTTON  FIT TO PAGE, so the outside of the stencil was 11 1/2", but the inside where he will paint is about 10".
Then another part said SERVICE & REPAIR, I cut them out at 8 1/2". I hope that everything will fit in the window. It is a very large window that about 93" wide, he wants to put the letters on a curve, so I hope it works. Oh yes, I also used the SILOUETTE BUTTON, that way it cut out the centers so they can be used as a stencil.
I also used the HERITAGE cart & cut out a car & truck, that way if he wants he can use the outline of it as a stencil too. I just did that for fun wth the vehicles.
After, I left his shop I went to AC Moore & picked up a few wooden things to work on. I haven't decided yet how I will decorate the wood, but as I do each one I will post a before & after pic. I bought 2 small birdhouses, a medium birdhouse, 2 frames, a shadow box, some wooden letters & some wooden plaques.
I bought these so I can decorate them to sell at my sons shop. This way I will be decorating his showroom & hopefully while the customers are waiting for their vehicles to get done, maybe they will look at my things & purchase something or even ask for a special order for me to do. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because I could really use the extra money for the holidays.
When I get done posting on my blog, I will get to work on one of the items & maybe I will have something to show you tomorrow or definitely by Monday.
I hope your day was absolutely a Wonderful & Blessed Day, like mine was.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Thanks Terrie so much for always posting on my blog, it means so much to me that you always find time to post something. How did you make out with the doc & I know that you probably  won't get your results back on your lab work for a few days. You are always in my prayers, my southern buddy. I do really hope that when I finally move to VA, we somehow get to finally meet.

Today it was a busy one for me, trying to get several things done & as you know it takes forever cause I have to rest several times in between my tasks. I had to be on the phone several times during the day & then after dinner, I got out my cricut & started cutting out word stencils for my sons showroom window. He has a big sign that lights up & is on the roof, but we talked & thought it would be a good idea to put the name & phone number in the big window since it's more eye level. His shop is on a very busy road, on a cornor , being a very busy intersection & you can see his shop coming down the hill.

So I went through my carts to see which one would be good for the lettering & phone number. I decided to use the GEORGE AND BASIC SHAPES cart & I used the silhouette key to make the stencils. I think they came out pretty good. The largest size was 11 1/2" &  smallest was 8 1/2". Then I used the HERITAGE cart & cut out a truck & a car. I don't know if he will use them, but I thought it would be a nice accent. I am going to try & drop off the stencils tomorrow.

Since I was working on the stencils & didn't have any time to make something to post. I'm glad at least I made the quick project Wednesday, cause I might not have time to do anything else this week, I'll see.
I was really hoping that I would of gotten more of a response on the projects & free designs. Maybe what I made didn't interest my lookers & followers. Maybe I'll have to come up with a different subject for projects next week. Have any subject ideas for me my buddy? What would you like to see Terrie?
I would also like to hear from other people out there in blog land, what would you like to see me make?

Hey did I mention that my youngest son is down in Orlando FL. this week on vacation with his baby boy & his sons mommy? I don't know if anybody remembers what I posted a week ago, about going to the mall with him to buy something. But at the time I couldn't say why he wanted me to go with him & what the secret was, well he wanted me to help him pick out an engagement ring & so this week in FL he got engaged. My hubby, myself & her parents are very happy for them. She's a real nice girl, good to Steven & they have known each other since school. In fact I was her boss at my last job before I had my cancer & even at that time she always called me mom, I guess it was meant to be, just as long as she makes Steven happy & I have to say that she is a very good mom to my grandson.

Well that's all for today.
May you have a Wonderful & Blessed Day.
See Y'all soon.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hey Y'all, I never got to post anything yesterday. It was a very busy day for me, with all the errands & chores around the house. Also my hubby & I went to see my son Christophers' new auto repair shop. While we were there I spent a little time with my granddaughters & DIL. She works in the office during the day, then leaves at 3pm to go home to pickup the 2 boys at the bus stop who she watches until their mom picks them up. So after she left we spent some time with Chris, talking about his business & I am going to see if I can cut out letter stencils from my Cricut, so he can stencil the name of his shop in the showrooms window. It was so nice to sit & chat with him.
Today, I did some things around the house, then made this project to show you. It's something that was very quick & easy to do.
Here are the supplies that you will need;

4) 5"x7" chipboard
4) 3"x4" chipboard frames ( which I forgot to include in the supplies pic)
4) 2" chipboard assorted colored flowers or any flowers you desire to use
4) 3/4" assorted colored buttons
1" high chipboard numbers to say 2010
Assorted 4 colored co-ordinating  papers of your choice ( I used 2 each of 8"x10" paper from Cosmo cricket to cover front & back of chipboard)
24" of contrasting ribbon
3/4" chipboard heart
1)title( I used the title 5 1/2"X 1 1/2" which says PRICELESS MEMORIES from MY MINDS EYE(LAUNDRY LINE)
About a yard & a half of twine
CROP A DI LE II or any hole punch for a 1/8" hole that will go through chipboard
Adhesive of your choice ( I used my GLUE GLIDER PRO, POP DOTS & A XYRON
Sm. piece of sandpaper

First cut all papers 5"x7" to fit the chipboard
1- Cover front of each piece of chipboard in assorted papers, using your glue glider pro
2- Cover back of each piece of chipboard with same papers as the front

3- Punch 6 holes on both of the long sides of chipboard ( which the first hole punched 1/2" in from end,
then punch hole 1/2" in from opposite end. Then 1/2" in from the first 2 holes at each end, so you will have your first set of holes 1/2" apart at each end. Then the center holes will be punched 2" in from  first  set of holes from left end then punch another hole 1/2" after the last center hole, so this hole should be 2'' from the right set of  holes
Then you will do the same thing on the other long side opposite these 6 holes.
You will do this on all 4 pieces of chipboard
If you can't understand what I meant about the position of the holes, please contact me & I will try to explain it better to you.
Next lightly sand edges of the 4 boards
Next embellish each piece of chipboard as shown in the pic. You can also sand the frames
I used pop dots for the flowers & to attach the buttons to the flowers
Attach the frames, heart, 2010 & title by running them through the Xyron machine or anything you wish to use. The title goes on the top board, the 2010 at the very bottom & heart as shown in the pic.
Finally take twine & do a criss cross design to attach each piece of chipboard together, tie in the back
On the bottom 5"x7" chipboard, take twine & do a running stitch & tie in the back

Due a running stitch with the ribbon on the top 5"x7" chipboard, have to 2 ends match evenly & tie, so  you can hang your design
When you want to put your pics in the frames, just pop it in the center of the frame or if you know what pics you are going to use ahead of time, put them in befor you attach the frame, but run the frame through the Xyron first.

That's it & I hope that you will try to  make one for yourself or for a gift.

Hope you had a Wonderful& Blessed Day

Monday, October 4, 2010


When I woke up this morning I had such a horrible migraine. I took a couple of Advil & laid back down in bed. I thought in a little while I would feel better, but unfortunately I had the migraine all day & slept on & off all afternoon. Finally around 4:30pm I got up & my migraine finally went away. I took a shower& put on some clean pj's because I thought why get dressed so late in the day, I wasn't going anywhere LOL
Unfortunately, I didn't get to make anything new, because I thought if I had to use my brain too much, I might end up with another migraine.
Tomorrow morning I am going to my sons shop to see the area where he wants me to display my crafts.
I sure hope I will be able to have enough time to make something for my blog & make enough things to put in the shop. Plus I am involved in a couple of things on the AC Moore forum.
 I am sorry to all my followers that I didn't have anything for you today, but I will in the future. Please come back again to see what I will have for you.
I am hoping that your weather where you live is much nicer than mine.
Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


As I mentioned my two little granddaughters came to stay over yesterday. We had such a nice time together & they are growing up so fast. I can't believe the oldest one Lilyana will be 5 on Christmas Day.
After lunch today we had our crafting time together & little Sophia colored with her crayons in her coloring book, while Lilyana & I were crafting. She  is so smart when it comes to doing things, because she was doing crafts that would be for ages 8 & up & she did almost all of them without my help. She is just like her dad when he was a little boy. He would help me put things together when I used to make things to sell at craft shows & would even go along with me. Sorry, no pics they left before I could take any.
He also asked me today when my DIL & him came to pickup the girls, if I would like to sell my handmade crafts in his show room of his  business. He has an auto repair shop in one town near his home & just opened another place in another town last week. This place is much larger & with the big waiting & showroom, so he thought that I might like to sell my crafts. I have been thinking about what I should make that I know will sell. My DIL said that there is antique shops around the area & an old fashion music store, so I'm not sure what people will be interested in. GOT ANY IDEAS FOR ME, ANYBODY?
I was hoping that I would of had more interest in my HOME DECOR WEEK with the free instructions, so I haven't decided yet what I will be posting this coming week. I will have to see what evolves in my head.
So, on that thought I will go for now.
I hope that you enjoyed your weekend & that it was a Wonderful & Blessed Day, as it was for me.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


I am sorry that all this week I was posting my daily blog so late in the evening. But my days have been so busy & I didn't get to work on my designs until later in the evening, so by the time I got done it was very late.

Today I am posting earlier, because I am not doing anything project wise & also my granddaughters are coming for an over night stay. My hubby & myself are taking them to the park to play on the swings & in the sand box, so by the time I cook dinner which has to be spaghetti for them, give the girls a bath & get them to bed I sure will be pooped.

Tomorrow we will have craft time together,before they leave to go home.

Terrie, I want to thank you for always commenting on my blog each day & I am so glad that the project instructions were easy for you to understand. I put them down as I worked on the project, so I was hoping I made sense since I didn't copy from a piece of paper.
I hope I get more response about the free patterns, that way I will keep posting new ones everyday or 2 or 3 a week.

Now about this contest from Plaid, I didn't know about it & I myself really don't think that I am that good to enter. But thank you for the compliment, you made my day. I might just look into it & you said that it is on ACM? I will look, thanks for thinking of me
Hope Y'all have a Wonderful & Blessed Day.


I have been so busy, busy, busy today. Boy I got up a little late this morning, because I was so tired from yesterday. I got ready for my day, had my one & only cup of coffee, put in a load of laundry. Then I cleaned up a little, before my in-laws came to visit. My FIL hasn't been doing so well & so they decided to get out of the house to come for a visit. I am very close to them & always have an enjoyable time together. My MIL brought me some craft books that she didn't want anymore, so I will probably be coming up with some new ideas & patterns for the Holidays for me to post here. I sometimes like to take an idea that I find & change it around to make it my own, as I did with yesterdays project with the letters to spell HOME. When I made that I used completely different papers( oh yes, I forgot to tell you that the papers I used was from MY MINDS EYE,  THE PARIS COLLECTION) & changed it up a little to make it my own & that's what Y'all can do if you would like to try any of my projects this week for HOME DECOR.
Yes it's the last day of HOME DECOR WEEK for projects & this idea is a very easy one to do.
A few weeks ago at AC Moore I picked up this HARVEST w/ PUMPKIN SIGN for only $1. I already had acrylic paints & knew that I would have the right colors that I would need to use.
Tonight I pulled out my little work table, my paints, brushes, the sign, fine grit sandpaper, water, my painting pallet tray & some paper towels, with one that is damp for any boo, boos.

Since my HOME DECOR is mostly a country look with rustic accents, I tried to make the letters to look old & worn. You know after looking at the finished design, I think I might go back tomorrow & sand the edges to make it look even more worn.
So lets get to crafting;

Any kind of wooden Fall Hanging Sign or the same one I used for remember only $1 (what a deal)
Small piece of fine grit sandpaper
Paints: I used the following colors
            From: FOLK ART PAINTS
                       BURNT UMBER
                       GRASS GREEN
                       YELLOW OCHRE
           From: MY STUDIO
                      LIGHT ORANGE
                      TERRA COT TA

I only use good quality paint brushes. The ones today that I used are from Donna Dewberry.
           I used 3 brushes:

A Styrofoam paper plate or a painting pallet tray if you have one
Some paper towels & one damp one like I said earlier  for any boo, boos, LOL
And a container of water for cleaning your brushes & if you need to thin the paint on the brush a little

REMEMBER ONE IMPORTANT THING: Always make sure you blot excess water off on a paper towel & always load your brush with enough paint so you have a good coverage with the first coat.

To start, first lightly sand all edges & any rough spots

Wet your filbert brush by dipping in water & blot off on a paper towel

Load brush with orange as your base coat, paint the pumpkin, the letter A & R. Do around edges & if you want the back, too.

Next, clean brush well & blot on to the paper towel
Load brush with grass green as your base coat, paint the leaf on the pumpkin & the letter H, including edges

Again clean your brush
Load brush with yellow ochre, paint the letters V & E

Clean your brush thoroughly
Now you will load your brush with light orange, paint the last 2 letters, S &  T

Clean your brush
For the last base coat load brush with burnt umber, paint stem, but now when you clean your brush, clean it real good, because you will be changing brushes at this point

Now you will be using your flat brush to do a dry brush technique

Load a very small amount of burnt umber, then wipe off on to a paper towel until its almost dry looking
This time you are going to dry brush with the burnt umber over the base coat of  the letters S & T

Clean brush real good & blot dry until almost all the water is out & the brush is just damp to dry feeling
Load a small amount of thicket wipe any excess paint on paper towel until almost dry, then you will dry brush the letters V & E

It's time to clean your brush again & blot dry again like before
This time load your brush with a small amount of the color terra cot ta & wipe off on the paper towel, dry brush over the letters A & R, also dry brush down left side of pumpkin & also the left side of center of pumpkin for a shadow look

Clean brush & do as before
Load with a small amount of the color yellow ochre & dry brush over the leaf & letter H

Yes you got to clean that brush again this time extra good cause  you are done with this brush

Last you are going to use your liner brush

With black take the liner brush dip into the paint & roll the end of the bristles around. Take the brush & brush back & forth once or twice to take off any excess paint.
Now with the black paint you are going to paint stitch lines  on all pieces as shown in the pic.

Clean your brush thoroughly, because you are done,  YAYYYYYYY

You can also add some raffia to the top & maybe sand the edges like I am thinking of doing.

I really hope that everybody enjoyed HOME DECOR WEEK &  the free instructions.

I appreciate very much for all the people that have been reading my blog, especially my followers & for the ladies that have left comments.
I would really appreciate more people to sign up to become a follower of my blog  & also a lot more comments.
Now I  would love to hear more comments about if you liked the free instructions this week with my projects & if Y'all would like me to do more projects with free instructions to post on my blog?
The more interest I get, the more I will continue to do this. Please, I want to hear from you.

I hope Y'all had a Wonderful & Blessed Day, as I did.