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Monday, September 27, 2010


It sure rained hard  today, I know that we need it since it was so dry this summer. It just seems when it's a rainy day I have no energy to do anything, but I knew I had things to do so I pushed myself.

When I got things that I needed to get done in the house, I started digging in my craft stash. I found 3 home decor kits that I had for quite a long time & also a wood Fall wall sign that needs to be painted.

So I decided that for this week, my blog will focus on HOME DECOR CRAFTS
This Home Decor item is the first of three from COSMO CRICKET, it is called Home Decor lacing card kit, FAMILY.
I am showing you what came in this kit, how I made it so if you would like to go with this idea you can use similar items to make one for your home or as a gift.

It had 6) 5x7 chipboard cards , these  were already decorated with paper, but you could use 6) 5x7 naked chipboard cards & put  paper that will match your decor.
Chipboard letters to spell FAMILY each 3" high
3) 2 1/2"x3" chipboard photo frames
1)3" chipboard heart
2)2 1/2" chipboard flower
2)1 1/2" chipboard button
3) different colored ribbon, each about 2 yards, total 6 yards
Adhesive, I used GLUE DOTS MEMORY, they are super-strength & with no glue mess.
Paint or paper all chipboard pieces

First Punch 2 holes each in the following, heart, each button, each flower & all letters except the letter M, punch 2 holes on each side of this letter.
Also punch  4 holes on one side of first frame
On all of the 5x7 cards punch 8 holes on both long sides of each card.

1) Sand or distress with ink around all edges of each chipboard piece
2) Adhere chipboard buttons to flower chipboard piece
3) Cut 4 each of 2 ribbon colors at 4" & 5 of the other color at 4"
4) Tie each piece through holes of buttons, heart, 2 frames & each of the letters.
5) Adhere all chipboard pieces to cards as shown in the photo, but on the photo frames only adhere on sides & bottom to keep top open to put in your photo.
6) Cut 8 of one color at 6" each & tie on both end cards up one side each.
7) Cut 2 each of one color ribbon at 22" & 1 color at 22" for lacing the cards together.
8) Lace all cards together like you were tying your shoe, alternating colors of ribbon to spell the word Family. Tie knots in the back of each card.
Hope you enjoy this first HOME DECOR project & free directions for the week.  I hope that you will try to make one, then please post a pic on my blog to show everybody how & what colors you used.
Tomorrow I will post the second one & how to make it.
Hope you had a Wonderful & Blessed Day.


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  1. Very good Ms Teacher Dee. :0)
    I had a very Ukky day yesterday also. It rained all day, Knowing that we need it, just didn't make the RA stay quite. Hubby was out of town, so I stayed on the sofa in PJs all day. Today the sun is out. So I will get my "hinney" up and get something done. Great directions & pics. Later buddy ~