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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Boy it's raining like they say cats & dogs. One minute is just sprinkling, then whoosh, down it comes in buckets. How am I suppose to get my Fall cleaning & windows washed in this weather? YUK.
Well I got up very early, got my shower so I could watch my grandson today for a few hours. I don't mind because he is such a good baby. This Saturday & Sunday I am having both of my granddaughters over.
I went to AC Moore the other day & picked up 4 little projects for the 5 year old to do. She loves doing crafts with her NA NA(me). I am looking forward to their stay, but I sure know when they leave I will be exhausted, because they wear me out. But I love it & it's worth it to be with them when I can.
Also today I went to a new salon that recently opened near me, so my grandsons mom, her mom & myself  went & got our hair trimmed, the girl did a very good job.

So this is the project that I worked on today. Let me explain what supplies you will need & how I put it together. This idea is from a design that I did many years ago. I am going to put flat hooks on the back of each letter & hang them on the wall.

I purchased 8" high unfinished MDF letters that spelled HOME
Used 5corodinating heavy card stock 12"x12", 1 each
8 assorted flowers
6 brads
1 bookplate & a Sm. piece of cream card stock to insert inside of the bookplate w/ your last name ex. The Smiths
1 rub-sheet of small letters to spell FAMILY
1 metal rimmed tag
36" of 1/4" ribbon, I used self adhesive ribbon
Fine grit sandpaper
Adhesive, the directions say to use spray adhesive, but I used Martha Stewart gel adhesive to glue the card stock & glue dots for all the embellishments
Ranger Distress Ink color Broken China
Exacto Knife & scissors

1) For the letter H, cut a piece of  card stock 8"x3 for the top of the letter, glue paper to the letter as shown in the pic.
2) Cut the middle piece of card stock 6 1/2"x2" glue to letter matching up against the bottom edge of first paper.
3) Cut bottom piece8"x3 1/2", glue matching up top edge to bottom of middle piece.
4) Turn the letter over & trim all edges with an exacto knife.
Lightly sand any rough edges

With the letter O
1) For the top of the letter, cut a piece of card stock 8"x7" glue to the letter as shown in the pic.
2) For the bottom half cut card stock 7 1/2"x3", glue matching up to edge to bottom edge of the first paper that was glued to the letter O
3) Turn the letter over & trim with the knife, lightly sand edges

With the letter M
1)Cut card stock for the top of letter 8"x4 1/2", glue to the top
2) For middle cut paper 6 1/2"x2 1/2", glue top edge of this paper up against bottom edge of top paper
3)Cut bottom piece 8 1/4"x2", glue top edge of this piece up against the bottom edge of middle piece
4) Turn letter over & trim around edges with knife, then lightly sand edges

With the letter E
1)Cut top piece of card stock 6 1/4"x1 3/4" glue to the letter
2) Cut middle piece 5 1/2"x5" & glue to letter as you did for all the other ones
3) Cut last & bottom piece 6"x1 3/4" & glue to bottom just like the other letters
4) Turn letter over & trim edges as before

Now you can distress with ink if you wish like I did  or not
Glue all embellishments on the letters as I did in the pic
You can put flat hooks on the back of each letter if you would like to hang your word.
You can also spell any word & do it the same way as I did for the word Home.
There is a lot of possibilities, you can even use Holiday paper & spell HO HO HO or BELIEVE or something else.
You can also just paint the letters & embellish the letters.
OK, now let your creativity flow & have some fun

I am hoping that you have liked the free Home Decor instructions & ideas that I have posted so far this week.
There is one more for Friday on this subject, so I will see you tomorrow.
I hope that nobody has floated down stream, cause I'm starting to feel like a duck LOL

Hope your day was a Wonderful & Blessed one.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I know, I know I said that I would post earlier today, sorry.
 It turned out to be a busy day for me, I had a few unexpected phone calls. Then my son Steven asked me to go to the mall with him & I'm not a mall person, but we only had to go to one store. I can't say right now what he bought cause it's a surprise, but by next week I will let you know.
I got home late & didn't get to make the last kit until late this evening, but I was determined to finish it. I didn't want to disappoint my followers,  I hope that you like this last one of the 3.

If you would like to make something similar to this kit you will need to buy,

7) 5"x7" chipboard lacing cards naked, which you can paint or paper
7) 3"x3" chipboard letters to spell the word FRIENDS
3) 3"x3" chipboard photo frames
2) 2 1/2" chipboard flowers
2( 1 1/2 round chipboard buttons
1)3"x4" chipboard star
1)3"x4" chipboard heart
adhesive, I used glue dots that are super strength & no glue mess
7) yards total ribbon of 3 colors, about 2 1/4" of 2 colors & about 2 1/2" of the color

First you do is distress the edges of all the pieces, by lightly sanding or inking. I just lightly sanded the edges to make them a worn look.
If the pieces don't have the holes punch, you will need to do that for the ribbons to be tied.
I glued the buttons to the flowers
Next I cut 6) 4" pieces of a color ribbon & tied on the pieces as in the pic
Cut 4) each of the 2 other colors at 4" each, then tie to appropiate pieces as in the pic
Cut 8) pieces of ribbon, 4 each of 2 colors at 6" each, attach 4 of one color to the one side of the first card & repeat with another color on one side of last card
Glue all chipboard pieces on the cards as shown in the pic
Then lace together all the cards, you cut each length of ribbon 22" long.
Lace the cards like you are lacing your shoes, tie the ends in the back and

Voila, your done.

I really hope that you have enjoyed these 3 kits from COSMO CRICKET, I know that I enjoyed making them, posting the instructions for you to  make similar ones like these. Maybe you will give these ideas a try.
You can get similar chipboard pieces at your local AC Moore or Micheals. Create & have fun.

They can be put on a shelf & I was also thinking adding ribbon or hooks to the back & hang them on the wall.
I would like to hear your ideas on these 3 kits, how you would decorate your home with them.

You can also take this idea & chnge the words on them for Holiday Greetings or make them longer for bigger words like for a little girl that she is your PRINCESS, or one more idea how about a childs name to put in their room.
The possibilities are endless
Please leave your comments or ideas, because I would love to hear from you.

Tomorrow I have something a little different in mind to create, so I hope you will stop by later
 tomorrow to see what I am creatng to show Y'all.
I hope that your day was a Wonderful & Blessed Day.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well its still raining, the sun came out for a brief moment than came pouring down again. Tomorrow is suppose to be sunny I sure hope so, because when it rains its depressing.
I worked on the second kit of the three from Cosmo Cricket for HOME DECOR WEEK. This one was called DREAMS. I think if I ever get another craft room of my own, I will put this one in there.
So lets get crafting, these are the supplies that you will need if you would like to try this idea.

6) 5"x7" naked chipboard cards to be painted or with your favorite paper, the ones in the kit were already covered.
6) 3"x3" chipboard letters that will spell the word DREAMS
3) 3"X3" chipboard photo frames
1) 3"x3"  chipboard heart
2)2 1/2" round chipboard flower
2)1 1/2" round chipboard buttons
6 yards total of ribbon, 3 colors which is 2 yards of each
Adhesive, I used glue dots memory, super strong & no mess

First, either paper or paint all your chipboard & punch holes in all chipboard pieces as in the pic for ribbon.
Then either lightly sand or ink edges, I sanded all the chipboard & inked edges of all pieces except the cards. I used  a Ranger Distress Ink, color Broken China
Take 2 of the colors of ribbon, cut 4 each of both colors at 4", tie into bows as the pic.
From the other color ribbon cut 5 pieces at 4" & tie as shown in the pic.
Glue a button to each of the chipboard flowers, making sure the holes of the flower & button line up.
Then glue the first flower w/button on the second card at the top & the letter R below the flower, with the other flower w/button on the last card at the top with the letter S below  the flower.
IMPORTANT TIP TO REMEMBER is only glue the sides & bottom of the photo frames, so you will be able to change out your photos.
Continue gluing all the chipboard embellishments & all remaining letters to cards as shown in the pic.
Cut 4) of one color of ribbon at 6"each for the last card, then tie 4 bows down right side of that card.
Cut another 4 pieces of ribbon of another color at 6" each for the first card, then tie 4 bows down the left side of this card.
Cut 3) of one color of ribbon at 22" each to lace cards together.
Cut 2) more colors each at 22" for lacing up the remaining cards together.
WHEN LACING THE CARDS TOGETHER, lace if you were lacing your shoes & tie ends of each one on the back of finished design.
I don't think I forgot anything, you can always check yesterdays directions to double check, since the ideas are similar.

If you have any questions, ideas or just a comment, I would really like to hear from you.

Tomorrow I will be posting # 3 & last kit from COSMO CRICKET & for the next two days after that I will show Y'all something completely different to decorate your home or for a special gift for someone.

Hope you like these ideas & free patterns this week. I am hoping for a lot of interest with putting ideas & free patterns on my blog, then I will know if I should continue posting in this manner.

I hope you had a Wonderful & Blessed Day.
Check back tomorrow to see what I am up to next, I will try to post earlier instead of so late.

Monday, September 27, 2010


It sure rained hard  today, I know that we need it since it was so dry this summer. It just seems when it's a rainy day I have no energy to do anything, but I knew I had things to do so I pushed myself.

When I got things that I needed to get done in the house, I started digging in my craft stash. I found 3 home decor kits that I had for quite a long time & also a wood Fall wall sign that needs to be painted.

So I decided that for this week, my blog will focus on HOME DECOR CRAFTS
This Home Decor item is the first of three from COSMO CRICKET, it is called Home Decor lacing card kit, FAMILY.
I am showing you what came in this kit, how I made it so if you would like to go with this idea you can use similar items to make one for your home or as a gift.

It had 6) 5x7 chipboard cards , these  were already decorated with paper, but you could use 6) 5x7 naked chipboard cards & put  paper that will match your decor.
Chipboard letters to spell FAMILY each 3" high
3) 2 1/2"x3" chipboard photo frames
1)3" chipboard heart
2)2 1/2" chipboard flower
2)1 1/2" chipboard button
3) different colored ribbon, each about 2 yards, total 6 yards
Adhesive, I used GLUE DOTS MEMORY, they are super-strength & with no glue mess.
Paint or paper all chipboard pieces

First Punch 2 holes each in the following, heart, each button, each flower & all letters except the letter M, punch 2 holes on each side of this letter.
Also punch  4 holes on one side of first frame
On all of the 5x7 cards punch 8 holes on both long sides of each card.

1) Sand or distress with ink around all edges of each chipboard piece
2) Adhere chipboard buttons to flower chipboard piece
3) Cut 4 each of 2 ribbon colors at 4" & 5 of the other color at 4"
4) Tie each piece through holes of buttons, heart, 2 frames & each of the letters.
5) Adhere all chipboard pieces to cards as shown in the photo, but on the photo frames only adhere on sides & bottom to keep top open to put in your photo.
6) Cut 8 of one color at 6" each & tie on both end cards up one side each.
7) Cut 2 each of one color ribbon at 22" & 1 color at 22" for lacing the cards together.
8) Lace all cards together like you were tying your shoe, alternating colors of ribbon to spell the word Family. Tie knots in the back of each card.
Hope you enjoy this first HOME DECOR project & free directions for the week.  I hope that you will try to make one, then please post a pic on my blog to show everybody how & what colors you used.
Tomorrow I will post the second one & how to make it.
Hope you had a Wonderful & Blessed Day.


Sunday, September 26, 2010


Hey everybody, boy what a difference in the weather today. It's cloudy & very cool a day to just relax , but after I get 3 loads of wash done, it just never ends.
My granddaughters birthday party went well, had a great time. Everybody that tried my Hot Spinach Dip loved it. I had to bring a little home for my youngest son to snack on, I guess he didn't get enough. LOL. My oldest son made sure that I left some extra in his fridge, I guess it was a hit, even my 5 year old granddaughter loved it even though the dip had a kick to it, she loves spicy food.
I also made onion dip, that went quickly too, but not as fast as the spinach dip & boy there was a big difference in the size of  the dishes I used. Y'all should really try the recipe for your next party.
I'm leaving you with a pic of the birthday girl & a pic of her cake, enjoy.
Hope you had a Wonderful & Blessed weekend.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Good morning everyone,
It's a beautiful day here in PA, I am so grateful for this beautiful weather. Today is my granddaughters birthday party, so since the weather is so nice the party can be out doors too great for a bunch of little children to run & play.
I usually don't post a pic on something that I made on the weekend, but last

 night after wrapping her present which was a doll carriage & of course a baby doll, I thought I'd make her a card. She is only going to be 2 tomorrow & I know that she really isn't interested in the card, but maybe her mom will keep it until she grows up & understands. It isn't anything spectacular, just a quick card.
I am also making a hot spinach dip with tortilla chips. So I thought I would post the recipe for you to make in case you would like a new recipe for this kind of dip. It has a little kick to it, but very delicious.


2(10oz)packages frozen chopped spinach, thawed
2(8oz) packages cream cheese, softened
2 cups(8oz) shredded Monterey Jack cheese
1 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese
1 small onion, chopped
1(14oz) can artichoke hearts, drained & chopped
2(10oz) cans diced tomatoes & green chiles, drained
2 teaspoons ground cumin
2teaspoons chili powder
1 teaspoon garlic powder
DRAIN spinach, press between layers of paper towels to remove excess moisture.
COMBINE spinach, cream cheese & remaining ingredients, stirring well.
SPOON mixture into a greased 2 1/2 quart baking dish.
BAKE, uncovered, at 350 dgrees for 30 minutes or until bubbly.
SERVE, with melba toast rounds or tortilla chips.
YIELD: 8 cups
Hope you enjoy both the card & the recipe.
Have a Wonderful & Blessed weekend.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Sorry I am posting so late today. It was one of those days when I was so busy & the day just flew by.
My 9 month old grandson was in a BABY PAGENT in N. J. today & came in second place. I was so proud & happy when I heard about his victory, we have a little star in the family. I AM SUCH A PROUD GRANDMOM.
As I mentioned the other day I am a member of the AC Moore Forum. Besides hosting the October Card & ATC Swap, I also joined in on a crochet-a-long. Another member hosts this one & for the past few months she has been posting 8" square crochet patterns, one or two each month.
Now you can make more than one square each month to make something out of it, such as a tote like one of the girls made for herself, then with each new pattern you can make something different each month.
Me, I always have to do things differently, so I have been crocheting one or two squares a month using my scraps of yarn that I have laying around. What I want to do is when I get enough different pattern squares done, I am going to make a patchwork scrappy crocheted throw. Here is a pic of what squares I have crocheted so far.The squares haven't been blocked yet, so they are a little out of shape.
 I sure have a long way to go. The newest square which I crocheted last night was the one with the bands of different colors going around the small cream granny square.
Maybe one of my followers have their own  idea for what to do with all these different squares.
Please post a comment of any idea that you would like to do.
Again I hope you have a Wonderful & Blessed evening.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hello Again, I wanted to post earlier today because I have a busy day ahead of me. I am babysitting my grandson for a few hours today, while his mom is at work. I have laundry to do & some cleaning that I need to get done.
I had a little free time after dinner last night, so I made one more card. It was a quickie one, hope you like this one.
Also, I would like everyone to know who checks in on my blog that I am hosting an OCTOBER CARD & ATC SWAP ON THE AC MOORE FORUM. It's a FALL THEME, so if you are already a member & like to make cards stop by & sign up. Even if you have never checked out the AC MOORE FORUM, go to www.acmoore.com, click on the forum, join it's free with a great family of members. Once you join then you can sign up for the swap, it's a lot of fun & you get beautiful cards in return for the ones you make. So stop on by & join in the fun, hope to see you there.
Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day.


Hello everyone, it is a beautiful day here in PA.. I got up very early just couldn't sleep, so I made another card. I really should get more than one done a day, but I have a situation with my craft supplies. I work out of my master bedroom which is a very small room. I can't leave all my craft supplies out when I am done & the table that I work on is a snack tray which I put next to my bed. By the time I get everything setup, I'm too exhausted to do a lot of crafting. I know that it might not sound like a big deal, but with my health problems it makes it harder for me. I want to be able to craft more than I do & I asked my dh if he would help me change things around, so maybe I can get to my supplies a little easier. His answer was we will see, so who knows what that means LOL
I was wondering if anybody has any ideas or projects to post, cause I would love to see what you have made. I am hoping for more comments from more of my followers, come on & join in.
I hope your day is going well as expected. Let me know what you think about my card. I used some more of the quilled flowers that I had made recently. ENJOY!
Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hello everyone, today is a much better day for me. I got a good nights sleep, got up very early got some things done & even had time to make another card for all to see.
Thank you so much Terrie for all your kind thoughts. How are you making out with the plastic canvas project? Are you able to do it with your pain & is the pain getting any better? I think about you everyday. I have another close friend that lives in Mass. & she's so far away from me like you for us to visit. She has been going through a lot too. Why is it when someone needs a good friend to be near, they live so far apart. It is always good to have a friend that will be there for you even if you don't live close, but that would be even better.
Anyway I hope your day has gone well so far & I will be back tomorrow. Hope you like this card & it will bring a smile to someones face. I used one of the quilled flowers & leaves that I made last week. The card says   AUTUMN   FIND JOY IN THE LITTLE THINGS.  I cut out a frame where the flower is & the other pic is of the inside.
I hope you will have a Wonderful & Blessed Day.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Well here it is Monday & you are probably wondering what happen to me for the past two days. I got up early Saturday morning not really feeling that good, but I knew that I was suppose to watch my grandson. His mom dropped him off around 8:30 am. Thank goodness he was sleepy, so him & I took a little nap. He didn't sleep long, but it helped me somewhat. Then I decided to take him for a nice long walk for fresh air for the both of us & I thought also that it would make me feel better if I got out of the house. Unfortunately when we returned I felt worse & every part of me ached. So we both had another nap & I'll tell you by the time his mom came to pick him up around 2pm, even though he was so good, I couldn't wait to get back into bed. I just couldn't believe how awful I felt. Well to make a long story short, I was sick all day Sunday too & didn't get out of bed until around 3pm. I don't know what I had but I felt like someone had beat me up.
I am feeling much better this morning, still with little or no energy & I can't believe I wasted a whole beautiful weekend like that. I am hoping as my day goes on I will start to feel better & get something accomplished,
Since I haven't created anything new for the past three days, I put my mind in create mode early this morning  & designed this quick little card for you. It isn't too detailed in design, but I felt I had to make something for my followers to see. Hope you enjoy it.
I want to thank my good friend Terri for being so concerned about me & I hope that your plastic canvas creation is going well for you. Gee, I haven't done that for about 10 years & I always loved it because there were so many different things that you can make with plastic canvas from a flat design with texture to a 3 dimensional design. You really got me thinking now & I really hope that you will post your finished design on my blog for all of us to see. I pray for you each day for you to be without pain, it's not a fun thing to have.
May Y'all have a Wonderful & Blessed Day.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Gee I can't believe that Friday is here already, the week just seems to fly by.
I am very sorry but I didn't get anything done today, I just haven't been feeling good. No energy, very tired & my body aches. I hope that I'm not coming down with the flu.
I did talk to my 2 little granddaughters on the phone today, they are so darn cute  & tomorrow I am suppose to watch my grandson.
I am truely sorry for no pics to show you.

I will be back tomorrow & hoping that I will be feeling much better, so I can be productive & create something. I just hate it when I feel that I have wasted a whole day & didn't accomplish anything.
As I was growing up my mom always said to me that BUSY HANDS ARE HAPPY HANDS.
So that's why I feel the way I do when I haven't done anything.
Does that make sense to anyone else?
Now I know that I do have people stopping by to checkout my blog everyday & I thank you all for that, but what I am wondering is
why don't you leave a comment or show me your work. I would be very pleased to see what you have created. The whole idea of my blog is to show what I do each day & to inspire other crafters to show their crafts & leave comments.
Come on show me what interest you in this crafty world. Since my blog isn't just about one craft & more about several crafts, this blog is opened to all crafters.
I hope that Y'all had a Wonderful & Blessed Day.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well it wasn't much of a productive day here at my home. Right after I woke up it started to rain, so I wasn't in much of a mood for any Fall cleaning. I could of cleaned the oven or cleaned & re-arranged some cabinets, but my heart just wasn't into it. It would of even been a good day to bake, but that didn't occur to me to do that until now, plus we still had a little apple pie left, but not anymore I just had the last delicious piece, I'm so bad. You know I guess I just wanted to be lazy today, because I was sure coming up with a lot of excuses, lol.
So the day wasn't a complete loss I did do a couple loads of wash & after dinner I worked on my Quilling skills, since I am so new to this art. I only did Quilling one other time when I made my Happy Thoughts card that I posted back on Sept. 1st. That was my first attempt to the art. I did find out that it isn't as hard as I thought it would be. The basics are very easy & I know I need to learn a lot more techniques, but I know for sure I will learn & get even better over time. I also learned how to do the fringed flowers that look like little mums or carnations. It wasn't hard & I did find an easier way after my first two. There is a fringe machine that I could buy, but it's a little pricey for me right now. So I will do it the old fashion way.
I made these few flowers, some leaves & a tiny pumpkin. Can you figure out which is the pumpkin? I know where it is, but can you find  where it is in the picture?  HEE, HEE. Hope you enjoy taking a peak at what I worked on this evening. Now I will have to decide if  I should make more& then what I am going to make with all these pieces.
Did you know that Quilling was born over 500 years ago when the stay at home ladies found out what they could do with strips of paper, even old newspapers, an art was born. This was an art along with Embroidery, Quilting & knitting. Ladies even back then found a way to recycle the things that they had already used. There is more info on Quilling, so if anybody would like to know more of the history on Quilling, leave a comment on this post & I will tell you more about the history. It's very interesting to me to learn the history of  the Craft that I am doing, what about you?
Hope Y'all had a Wonderful & Blessed Day.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It has been another busy day here at my home in PA. Worked on my Fall cleaning of my kitchen. I scrubbed down the counter tops & some more walls, changed things around on the counters. I guess I was tired of the same old  way things were & I just needed a change. So hopefully by the end of the week  I'll have everything cleaned in the kitchen, then I'll be happy. I just love it when everything is all shiny & clean it makes me so happy. After I get everything done I will start decorating for the Fall. I put Fall flowers around inside & out of the house, with pumpkins & gourds. I love everything to look natural since I decorate in the country look. I buy real mums to put in my flower box & on each side of my front steps. I have a cute scarecrow that I put out by the front porch & I also have a Fall sign that I hang by the front door.Since I decorate like this I can leave it all up until I get ready for Christmas. For Thanksgiving all I have to do is add some turkeys & a cornucopia to my decorations. I'm sorry but I don't decorate for Halloween since my boys grew up, I don't even give out candy, cause years ago we would get older kids that came to the door & they were not very nice. Trick or Treating was suppose to be for small children, but then it got out of hand  & the big  kids ruined it. I probably will get something together for my grandchildren,but that's about it.
So I was wondering how all my followers are doing?I only hear from one follower, which I am so grateful for, but I don't hear from my other followers.  I wish that I would get more comments left on my blog. I didn't even hear from anyone yesterday, I guess everybody was busy or just didn't have anything to say. I really hope in time that will change. Anyway,
I didn't get time to create anything, so when I was digging out some Fall decorations I found this slate that I painted in 1999 after I took a few decorative painting classes. It isn't perfect, but it was one of the first things that I did at home on my own without a pattern. So I thought I would post a pic of it to show you what my first attempt was on my own.
Hope Y'all Had a Wonderful & Blessed day. I will see what tomorrow brings & I'll see you then.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Hi Y'all, what a glorious day it has been. I was watching HSN 24 hour craft show, off & on today. Of course there were so many things that I wanted, especially the new Cricut machine that I can't afford. I wish the show would of been on the end of the month, then maybe I would of had a little money to do the flex pay. Oh well, I guess the good Lord was saying, Dee you really don't need that right now.
In between keeping up with craft day, I started to Fall clean my kitchen. I took down the dusty curtains, washed them to put away & started to wash down the walls. I started in one corner of the room & worked my way around, but didn't get very far. I had to constantly sit down & rest cause of the pain in my back & leg. It is going to take a few days to get everything clean & to polish my cabinets. I wash them down first with wood soap, dry & polish. My cabinets are over 10 years old, but still look like new. I sure wish I was young again when it was so easy to clean my house, now it takes forever, then by the time I get done with the whole house, I'll have to start all over again, lol. One thing that I miss in my kitchen is all the decorative things that I have made. See when we were supposed to move almost 3 years ago, I packed up the things that I didn't need everyday. Boy by the time we finally move, it will be like Christmas when I start unpacking. I even have some new things that I had bought & didn't use yet, cause I was saving them for our new home.
While I was resting I decided to make a homemade apple pie, so I got out my apple peeler, corer & went to work. So tonight we had homemade apple pie for desert, also with homemade whip cream. The house smelled so wonderful with the apples & Cinnamon baking, YUUUMMMM. The birdies even got a treat, cause I put all the peelings out in the yard. I thought I'd post a pic of my apple pie & apple corer for the ladies that never used one. It was one of the best things I ever purchased.
For dinner I made veal stew, that was so warming in the tummy on this cool day.
Then I took some time to make this Fall centerpiece for my kitchen table with a hurricane candle holder in the center. I purchased the flowers & greenery at AC MOORE a week or two ago when they were on sale. The hurricane candle holder I've had for many years, but I really need to buy a new candle that is scented or better yet I'll make my own candle, we'll see about that. Oh I took the pic of the centerpiece on my bed, being that I had all my baking stuff on my table. If you see a little something in the left side of the pic, it's just my little doggy Bruiser, he always has to get into the act, what a ham.
Well it sure was a busy day & I'm exhausted. I hope everybody had a great day & I'm looking forward to your comments.
I hope you have a Wonderful & Blessed evening.
See you back here tomorrow.


Hi Y'all, sorry that I am so late posting. Wow what a busy day I had to start my week. I got up early had my coffee, took my shower, got dressed then started my day. I had a few loads of laundry to do, then I had some errands to run. So busy all day, but I did get a little time to crochet this hot pad. It isn't my design but I found it in my stash, so I thought I would whip it up. The center was very easy to do, but when I got to the petals, I guess my mind wasn't  working very well, lol. I must of ripped those stitches out for the petals 4 or 5 times, then all of a sudden my brain kicked in & I was on a roll.
Have you ever had one of those days where you can read something & it just doesn't click?  Maybe it's the age or maybe just too much on my mind.
Since I was soooo busy since early in the morning, by the time I had made dinner & got the kitchen cleaned up, it was late.
Then when I finally had quiet time to sit at my computer, I find out that my DSL wasn't working properly, so I had to wait until it was up & running. Boy what a crazy Monday, but I do feel that I got a lot accomplished.
Hope you enjoy the pic of the Sunflower Hot Pad. After looking at the finished design, I was thinking wouldn't that be nice as  place mats for the kitchen table. What do you think about that idea?
Leave me your comments, cause I would love to hear what you think about the place mat idea.
I also want to welcome a new follower, Vany. I hope that you check back each day & please if you ever have any questions for me, I will try to answer them for you.
Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Well here it is Sunday again, but not very nice weather in my part of PA. I know that we need rain, but it feels so damp & dreary, it makes you feel like you could stay in bed all day. I dread the thought of winter coming, because I am not a person that likes the cold weather.
To my friend Terrie, I just want to say thank you so much for worrying about me & for always leaving a comment on my blog. I just wish more people would leave comments about what I am posting. I know that I need to post more interesting things & I guess lately my blog isn't too interesting. I know as time goes on, I will be coming up with more interesting topics to talk about.
Today is the day I need to put my thinking cap on for new ideas to create a new design. And this week I will be posting the details for The Fall Card & ATC SWAP on AC MOORE FORUM. I hope that several crafters will sign up to participate. So all you card makers check it out this week & sign up so we will have the biggest swap ever.
Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today turned out to be a beautiful one, the weather was just right here. This morning my grandson was over for a few hours, then his mom came to pick him up after work & who shows up but my dil, granddaughters & my oldest son. They spent the afternoon here, I wanted them to stay for dinner, but they had plans to go out to eat. We have an ice cream truck that comes through our neighborhood & the girls were so excited for their dad to buy them ice cream. My 4 year old granddaughter & I had craft hour, she made a Halloween necklace. She did mostly everything herself, looked at the picture to follow how it should look. She even put the glitter on the pumpkin & leaves, but her mom & I had to help her a  on the leaves cause she messed them up a little. Otherwise I think that she did a real nice job for a 4 year old. We always do something together when she comes over, like crafting or baking something good. The necklace  wasn't dry when she left, so Lilyana was a little upset cause she had to leave it with me. I told her that her mommy is just going to have to bring her back real soon.
On the 26th is her sisters birthday. Sophia-Lynn is turning 2. Where does the time go, it seems that my boys were that young not long ago.
I am posting the pic of the necklace that Lilyana made today. I mentioned to my dil that ACMOORE has a make & take on Saturdays for kids & that I would like to take her. She will be 5 Christmas Day, but acts like she is 8 & boy is she smart.
Hope Y'all enjoyed your Saturday maybe were a little crafty, too.
Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day.
PS. Sorry for the pants folded in the background, it was the only thing at the time I could grab that was solid to put the necklace on.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Hello to all my friends, it is very cool here today & it sure feels like Fall. I had all good intentions today to do some more Fall cleaning, but it just didn't happen. It wasn't one of my good days, no energy & no enthusiasm to do anything. I just hate feeling like this. I feel so bad cause I only made one card this week. I really hope next week I will feel a lot better.
I hope all my friends are well & being more creative than me. I have seen some things that some of my followers have made in the past & all I can say is that they are so talented.
Maybe in the near future I will post an idea for something & maybe Y'all will join in & show everybody the talent you have. How does that sound? Any suggestions on what we can do?
Well I will go for now. May Y'all have a Wonderful & Blessed evening.
I will be back tomorrow with hopefully some new ideas.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hello everyone, here it is already Thursday afternoon & I never got to post anything on my blog yesterday. Sorry about that, but as I was explaining on Tuesday I have been having a rough time since I can't get my meds. I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining because I do have a good life. Yesterday wasn't one of the good ones, I know that we all have those days & like my good friend Terrie said that maybe someone is trying to tell me to rest. That's exactly what I did, cause I just wasn't myself yesterday.
Also my son Steven went back to work yesterday for the first time in months since the doc took him out after the accident. I know that he wanted to go & of course being his mom, I was so worried all day about him until he walked through the door. I asked him how his first day back went, but he told me that when he had to travel that road where the accident was, he was soooo nervous. Then one of the roads he traveled during the day, Steven said there was a tractor trailer coming towards him & he had a area where he could pull over until the big rig went by. That is such an awful feeling having that fear. I know in time he will feel a lot better, I just hope that it doesn't effect him driving for his job.
This morning I finally felt like creating a card. I got out my supplies & I was going through my Dazzles, I love my Dazzles cause you can use them on all different kinds of surfaces. I purchase mine from Paper Wishes. I like this company, one for the quality & good prices, plus they show a lot of webisodes about how to use their products.
I realized going through my stash of Dazzles that I have mostly Christmas ones, only one Fall sheet, which is my favorite season & only one  everyday. I really need to get more everyday ones.
Anyway, if anybody would like the supply list & how I made this card, please leave me a comment & I will be more than happy to post it.
If not please leave me a comment or any other questions you might have.
Thank yo Terrie for leaving me your comments, it is so nice to hear from you.
And to one of my newest followers bluu, thank you for signing up. I hope that I will be hearing from & all my followers.
I read that a nice crafter Beebeebabs commented on my sitting scarecrow, thank you & I hope you become a follower & I hear from you again.
Hope Y'all enjoy the card.
Have a Wonderful &  Blessed Day

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Well the long weekend is over, some people have gone back to work. I live in a very high volume tourist area, unfortunately the traffic was so bad here over the weekend, that we just hate to leave the house..
I am not sure what exactly has been going on with me the past two days. See I haven't been able to afford my medication & some that I take, I haven't had in about a week. I guess now I am getting withdrawals from not having it. One of my very serious problems is asthma & I don't have my Singular, Allegra & my two inhalers. I am not as bad when the weather is cooler, but when it gets humid or very cold, I have a terrible time breathing. I don't know what is going to happen. I have been very light headed, sick to my stomach, ringing in my ears & no ambition to do anything as you have probably figured out by now.
I am so sorry that I haven't created anything the past few days. I think once my system adjusts, I should feel much better, I truly hope so. I have so many ideas in my head, but haven't gotten to them yet
I hope that Y'all won't be disappointed in my blog. Trust me the creating will begin again & some of my original designs will have what supplies used & instructions how I made it. So If you would like to create one of my designs you will be able to do so. Please be patient with me & hang in there. We will have fun here & it will get even better as time goes on.
Hope that you had a Wonderful & Blessed Day.
Have a restful night & I will see you back tomorrow.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Monday morning all ready, where did the weekend go? I didn't do much at all yesterday, just relaxed. I wanted to make a nice Sunday dinner & I thought since I hadn't seen my oldest son & his family in awhile, I called to invite them over. My son wasn't home, but my dil & my granddaughters came. It was so nice to see them. We had a nice dinner together & had a lot of fun. My son called later on to ask if I would send home a plate for him. I really missed not seeing him.
I don't really know what today will bring. I don't have any real plans for Labor Day, I guess just hanging out at home. I am going to try & make something to post later today.
So, I hope that you will check back later today to see what I created.
Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hey, it's me. I hope Y'all are having a great long weekend so far. Y'all must be either away or real busy with those cookouts.
Yesterday, I spent most of my day with my baby grandson Derek. He is such a good little boy & is always so happy. He is trying to walk & when he crawls he takes off  is so hard to keep up with him, I can imagine what it is going to be like when he dose start walking, lol.
I took him for a walk in his stroller around my development & by he time we were almost back to the house, he fell asleep. A little while after we got back, my son & dil showed up. I was so surprised that when my dil woke up Derek, this little one never got cranky or even cried. When he saw his mommy he just had a big smile on his face & just kept on smiling. That's so amazing to me.
I never got to create anything, after that long walk Derek & I took, I was exhausted. So, by Monday I should be back into the swing of things.
Have a Wonderful& Blessed Day.
Oh ya, here is a pic of my Derek

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hello All,
I hope your day is going good so far. I am hoping that everybody along the East Coast is all OK. Here in my part of PA, the weather is just beautiful. The sun is shining, its a lot cooler today, but very windy. I wish my energy level was higher today, so I could start Fall cleaning my living room. I love to open the windows & let the air blow through the room, but no cleaning today for me. I have the windows open though & no air conditioning on, just the clean air coming in, WOO HOO. What a wonderful smell the fresh air.
I went to the docs this morning with my son Steven. Of course we waited a lot longer than we were with the doc. But good news cause Steven was released to go back to work after being home for 3 months. He is real tired of staying home, but he did get to spend a lot of time with his baby boy Derek. He still has to go back to the plastic surgeon in October & hopefully then we will know if he needs surgery on his face.
Late last night I pulled out some Fall papers & also Fall Dazzles. Has anybody worked with Dazzles? I joined a club from Custom Crops & every other month I get a kit that includes sheets of Dazzles & other items. I haven't made anything yet from the kits, but the Fall one, I had purchased last year. So I'm thinking of an idea for either a card or maybe something involving a glass jar. I can't wait to see what I come up with.
Hey, did you checkout my little scarecrow from yesterday. I think he is so cute. What is your opinion on the little guy?
Y'all have a wonderful & safe Labor Day Weekend.
Bless You.
Hugs, Dee

Friday, September 3, 2010


I hope your Friday went well. I did a few little things around the house, but nothing big. It was cloudy most of the day, then the sun peaked out for a very short time.
I wanted to create something spectacular, but wasn't much into crafting. So I wouldn't disappoint you, I put together my little potted scarecrow. It's not really all my idea, it was a kit. So I didn't copy somebody Else's design, I changed it up a little. I added the buttons on his overalls, put some leaves on his hat & a pumpkin in his hand.
Hope you like my little buddy. Can't wait to hear your comments.
Be back tomorrow.


Good Morning, Wow can't believe Friday is  here, where does the week go.
It is cloudy here in my part of PA today. It suppose to rain tonight, I hope it does. Then I won't have to water my plants. Even though I love my gardens, it kills me to water them. I always need help & that makes me so mad, cause before my surgeries I was so independent.
Now getting back to the weather. I am praying for all my friends who live up the East Coast will be OK with the hurricane. Please let me know that you are alright & be safe.
Again I don't know what today will bring, but hopefully I will have a couple of hours to create something.
Hope you will have a Wonderful & Blessed Day.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hello Y'all, I hope your day went well. Here is something I created, a full page layout of one of my flower gardens for a new scrapbook that  I started. The paper that I used is from Anna Griffin & the embellishments that I used, were just what I had laying around.
 Hope you enjoy it. Leave me a comment or any question. See you again tomorrow.
Hugs, Dee


Well here it is Thursday, I can't believe how fast the week goes by. I got so busy yesterday that I didn't get around to create anything new, really sorry about that.
I was telling you yesterday about how my son Steven was a witness for the town where his accident occurred. It all went well, now it supposed to go to trial, but the police officer told us that the defendant will probably go for a plea, since he knows that he is guilty leaving the scene of the accident & leaving my son with face injuries. We found out more things about the defendants background  that we didn't know & it doesn't look too good for him.
It is all in the Lords hands now.
I hope your day is going well so far. You know anytime any of my followers feel like telling me about their day, I would love to hear about it.
I also would like to thank Mom S for signing up to be a follower, the more the merrier. I am just hoping that I will get more comments as time goes by.
So, I'm hoping today that my brain gets creative so I can post something new to show you.
Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day,

Wednesday, September 1, 2010



Good morning everyone, It's is going to be another hot day here in PA.
Last night after dinner I was so exhausted from my day that I laid down & fell asleep. When I woke up & went to download a pic on this card that I made yesterday, my cameras battery needed to be charged.So, I wasn't able to post it until this morning. I decided to do a something a little different. I recently taught myself how to do Quilling. I feel I still have more to learn, but I don't think  I did too bad for the first time.
Today is going to be somewhat busy for me today. Back in April my son Steven was in an accident while working. He drives a cement truck & was delivering his first load driving on this very narrow road, when this other work truck was coming the opposite direction came on Stevens side of the road & hit the cement trucks side mirror. The glass came flying into the  truck & cutting Stevens face, chest & arms with the glass. When Steven called me to tell us what had happened, when I was talking to him while he was waiting for the EMTs to come I could hear in his voice that he was going to pass out. Well to make a long story short, the other guy took off & left the scene of the accident, but the cops caught him. So, today we are going to court, cause Steven is a witness for the town in which the accident happened.
So that's going to be my morning & what else happens the rest of the day, I'll just have to wait & see.
I hope that you enjoy the card from yesterday & I hope that you will make any suggestions about it.
I am going to try & create something later today, so I'll see how that goes.
Have a great day.
Hugs, Dee