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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well it sure has been several months since I have posted on my blog. The last time as you probably know was back in May, right before I had my third back surgery. It has been a rough road to recovery & a long one at that. I'm still not completely healed &  have a ways to go, still in much pain, but getting better.

I hope Y'all had a wonderful summer, a very Merry Christmas & a safe  & Happy New Year Eves.

My craft room still isn't all set up, but have been trying slowly to get it together. So in the future I will be posting my progress of how it will look.

My youngest son Steven got married in September & it sure was a beautiful wedding. I designed & made all the wedding invitations. When everything was done including the wedding, I was exhausted & needed a good rest. LOL
This week I will be posting pics of the invitations & their wedding pic.

Lately, I have been busy crocheting & also working on a quilt for my master bedroom.
I am trying so hard to get back into crafting, because for the past several months I had no interest in anything. Probably if it wasn't for Steven getting married & for me offering to make the invitations, I wouldn't of made anything till recently. So that was a good thing to get me motivated.
Then one  day I woke up & realized I missed crafting. Crafting keeps me sane.

So, I hope Y'all will check back daily to see what I am making for the New Year & that you haven't given up on me.

Stop by real soon to see what is new.

May God Bless Y'all.

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  1. It is good to see you back
    You are so talented and you need to use it
    I love to see your projects
    You inspire me to do my crafts
    Nothing like yours
    Yours is always so wonderfully made