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Monday, August 30, 2010


Well, here it is Monday already & the first day of the week to start creating.
How was your weekend? I hope Y'all had a nice one. My weekend went pretty well.
Yesterday, I actually did rest & it felt wonderful. I made a nice dinner, but I never did get around to make that desert that I was thinking about. I'm better off though, cause I really don't need to put the lbs back on. See I say that today, but tomorrow might be a different story lol. Do you feel that way sometimes too? I just have to be in the mood to bake & I guess I just wasn't yesterday, plus it was a little hotter than Saturday was.
Anyway, I sketched out an idea for a friendship card & I plan on creating that later today. My idea is to use 3 shades of purple, so we will see how this will turn out.
I am going to try & get it finished before the end of the day.
I never know what my day will bring.
I hope you will check back later, to see how it all turns out.
Have a wonderful day.......

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  1. Dee - I just signed up to follow you
    I can't wait to see all your upcoming crafts
    Have a great day craftin'