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I am a retired married mom of two grown boys & three grandchildren. I spend my free time crafting & creating new designs. Crafting is my therapy & it is a very rewarding gift.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I hope that Y'all had a goodnights sleep. I forgot to mention something about the card from yesterday, the front was 3 different papers cut & placed in a quilt design. It wasn't a solid piece of scrapbooking paper. Just thought I would mention that.
I just haven't decided what I am going to do today. I know that I was supposed to take the lady that lives with us for a haircut & a couple other places, but as of now she isn't up yet.
So, I guess I will go on with my day & create something, but don't know what yet. I'll have to get back to you on that.
As some of my followers already know I am on the ACM forum. I am going to be hosting the October card swap. I would like this swap to be the biggest ever with a lot of ladies signing up. So I have to get my creative thoughts working & come up with the details.
Hope you have a wonderful day & I will be back later.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Well I finally made it through my day. I got another room house cleaned, but I can't take all the credit. It's my sons room & he already did it for me. All I had to do was the window & blinds, he had already washed the curtains for me. How did I get so lucky having a great son like Steven.
When my boys were very young around 4 years old & they are 7 years apart, they were taught how to make their beds. It wasn't perfect  but that was OK, cause they got better as time went by. I can still remember when my oldest Christopher was very young, when I did my cleaning, he would take all his Tonka trucks put them out on the porch & wash them. Oh they were the good old days. They learned that things had to be put away when done with.  Well both my boys turned out really good. They are very neat & organized. I'm so proud & now they have families of their own & I know that they will raise their children like they were, I hope lol.
OK, enough bragging about my boys.
Anyway, here is the card I promised you. I wanted to make it like a quilt look for the front, the paper I used is from My Minds Eye. Then inside I used stamps by Cosmo Cricket,  unmounted rubber stamps from the Material Girl line. I purchased them online from Peachy Cheap.
Please leave me a comment on what you think or if you have any ideas what I should of done differently.
Hope you have a great nights sleep & I will be back in the morning.


Well, here it is Monday already & the first day of the week to start creating.
How was your weekend? I hope Y'all had a nice one. My weekend went pretty well.
Yesterday, I actually did rest & it felt wonderful. I made a nice dinner, but I never did get around to make that desert that I was thinking about. I'm better off though, cause I really don't need to put the lbs back on. See I say that today, but tomorrow might be a different story lol. Do you feel that way sometimes too? I just have to be in the mood to bake & I guess I just wasn't yesterday, plus it was a little hotter than Saturday was.
Anyway, I sketched out an idea for a friendship card & I plan on creating that later today. My idea is to use 3 shades of purple, so we will see how this will turn out.
I am going to try & get it finished before the end of the day.
I never know what my day will bring.
I hope you will check back later, to see how it all turns out.
Have a wonderful day.......

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday, Another New Day, A Day Of Rest

Hey Y'all, Well here it is the last day of the weekend. It has been pretty nice weather here in my part of PA.
I am really hoping that by next year this time, my family will be living in our new home in Central Virginia.
See back in July, my hubby & I purchased 2.25 acres down there. It is such a beautiful area & we can even see the gorgeous Blue Mountains from where we will be living.

It's funny how over the years things change, like I can remember when I was a little girl & all the stores were closed on Sunday. I would go to church with my mom, after church we would have an early dinner & then spent time together as a family or visited with family & friends. I really miss those days & myself I feel that it should go back to being the way it was. I think a person could wait one more day to go to the store. People did it back then, why not now, I ask?
What do you think about the way it is today? Which way would you want it to be?

By the way, I never did get to AC Moore, but I'll wait until Monday to do that. I got all the laundry done yesterday, so today I will just hangout, maybe sit on the porch. Do a little counted cross stitch, something that I started awhile ago & would like to finish it.
I want to make something for desert for tonight's dinner, but no ideas yet.
Then I am going to start to plan some sketches on a few ideas to make  for this weeks blog.
Well, that's all for now. I hope everyone has a Glorious Sunday.
Hugs for Y'all,

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday, It's A New Day

Well, so far today is going pretty well. My little grandson was here for a little while, he is such a good baby & sooo darn cute. It seems that just yesterday his father was my little baby boy. Oh, how they growup so fast.
Yesterday, I finished the first room in my Fall cleaning. I had the windows open the breeze was blowing in. I can just smell in the air that Fall is coming soon. I love Fall with all the beautiful warm colors & the wonderful smells in the air. I can't wait to start decorating the house & getting inspired to create something new.
Today I am going to try to relax, maybe do some laundry, that's not work to me since I am so use to doing it all these years.
I was thinking about going to AC Moore to look around to see what will inspire me. I really do need to get out of the house. I would rather go to a craft store any day then go to the mall. I haven't been a mall person for a lot of years.
Then when I get home I am going to make spaghetti with the sauce that I had made last week. That should be a yummy dinner.
I will be back tomorrow. See you then.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday A New Day

Hey Y'all, well here it is my second day blogging. I was so busy yesterday working around the house with my son. He told me yesterday mom, I know that you can't do things as easy as you did before. So we got to work  fall cleaning. One room is almost done, but I still have to get the window, curtains & comforter set cleaned.
I don't know about you other ladies, but when I got older everything that I have to do now around the house isn't as easy for me to do anymore. I have had a few health issues that don't help me either.
Hopefully  before winter comes my house will be done, who knows lol.
Before I went to bed I was so happy to get my card done to show my friends.
Check it out on my blog & let me know what you think of it.
Have a wonderful day.

Thursday A Day Of New Designs

Thursday A Day Of New Designs

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday A Day Of New Designs

Today, is the very first day that Bear Bottom Mountain Designs is going to start creating.
Here I will think of  an idea for my very first card, that I would like to create for you.
So, I am going to get to work in my  crafting space & lets see what I will come up with.
I will be back as soon as I am finished
See you then.