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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Good morning, I hope your evening was better than mine. We just got done eating dinner, which I made a nice big pot of beef  stew always good on a cold day.
Then we heard this very loud boom & our house shook a little. The power went out and there we sat in darkness. I didn't know if something exploded or someone  hit a pole with their car.
We looked outside, but couldn't see anything only darkness. I called 911 & told the trooper what had happen. The next thing I knew there were emergency & a fire truck in our development. A lot of neighbors were out in the street, because we all heard the same thing & didn't know what was going on.
Come to find out a transformer had blown & that was the loud boom we heard.
So Met Ed came & had to check all the 25 transformers in our development. The first one he checked got the power back on for only a couple seconds, then boom another loud noise. Thank goodness he wasn't hurt. But finally after checking all of them we got our power back on in less than 2 hours.
Boy what an evening, so worried we would be without electric and being so cold here.
The Lord was there to help us once again.

Anyway, didn't have much time to do anything, so I crocheted these mittens. Something you can do in a couple of hours. If anybody would like the pattern, please let me know and I will give it to you.
Sorry, that the pic is somewhat blurry. Hope you can get the idea.
Until the next time, hope you have a wonderful & Blessed craft day.
Hugs, Dee


  1. Dee
    You Do Some Beautiful Work. Love the Baby Blanket & Mittens. I'd Love to Get The Pattern For the Mittens.You Can E Mail Me @ LineDancrS@aol.com
    I'm One Of Your New Followers And Also requested To Join The Hookin group On Fb

  2. Love those mittens, they look sooooo warm.

  3. Yeah, it would be easy if someone knew what to do. It scares me to even think I would try something like this. You are the ONE!! You do such wonderful work. I N V U