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Friday, January 6, 2012

Hand Painted Lighted Potpourri Glass Jar

Hello there to all my crafty friends,

Today I decided to post a hand painted glass jar that I did as a gift for my very dear friend.

I have made & sold several of these in a medium size like this one & also a larger size, too.
If you need a gift or just one for yourself, email me & I can let you know what the price would be.

The flowers were done in yellow, purple, pink & white.
I used  Folk Art enamel paints from Plaid. This paint is so easy to use & dries quickly.
When done painting, you just put it in an oven to finish, this way it can be washed & the paint won't come off.

Inside the jar, I put potpourri & mini clear lights with a crocheted doily to cover top of jar.
Then accented with a strip of fabric for the bow.

The warmth from the mini lights brings out the fragrance of the potpourri.
This makes a great accent to any room & a nice little night light , too.
You can use any scent potpourri or essential oil you like.

I hope you enjoyed this idea.
Until the next time, hope you have a wonderful & Blessed day.


  1. Got to say I LOVE my jar! I keep it on my nightstand and light it for a while before I got to bed.. Smells great as I fall asleep.

    Thank you Dee.