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Saturday, October 2, 2010


I have been so busy, busy, busy today. Boy I got up a little late this morning, because I was so tired from yesterday. I got ready for my day, had my one & only cup of coffee, put in a load of laundry. Then I cleaned up a little, before my in-laws came to visit. My FIL hasn't been doing so well & so they decided to get out of the house to come for a visit. I am very close to them & always have an enjoyable time together. My MIL brought me some craft books that she didn't want anymore, so I will probably be coming up with some new ideas & patterns for the Holidays for me to post here. I sometimes like to take an idea that I find & change it around to make it my own, as I did with yesterdays project with the letters to spell HOME. When I made that I used completely different papers( oh yes, I forgot to tell you that the papers I used was from MY MINDS EYE,  THE PARIS COLLECTION) & changed it up a little to make it my own & that's what Y'all can do if you would like to try any of my projects this week for HOME DECOR.
Yes it's the last day of HOME DECOR WEEK for projects & this idea is a very easy one to do.
A few weeks ago at AC Moore I picked up this HARVEST w/ PUMPKIN SIGN for only $1. I already had acrylic paints & knew that I would have the right colors that I would need to use.
Tonight I pulled out my little work table, my paints, brushes, the sign, fine grit sandpaper, water, my painting pallet tray & some paper towels, with one that is damp for any boo, boos.

Since my HOME DECOR is mostly a country look with rustic accents, I tried to make the letters to look old & worn. You know after looking at the finished design, I think I might go back tomorrow & sand the edges to make it look even more worn.
So lets get to crafting;

Any kind of wooden Fall Hanging Sign or the same one I used for remember only $1 (what a deal)
Small piece of fine grit sandpaper
Paints: I used the following colors
            From: FOLK ART PAINTS
                       BURNT UMBER
                       GRASS GREEN
                       YELLOW OCHRE
           From: MY STUDIO
                      LIGHT ORANGE
                      TERRA COT TA

I only use good quality paint brushes. The ones today that I used are from Donna Dewberry.
           I used 3 brushes:

A Styrofoam paper plate or a painting pallet tray if you have one
Some paper towels & one damp one like I said earlier  for any boo, boos, LOL
And a container of water for cleaning your brushes & if you need to thin the paint on the brush a little

REMEMBER ONE IMPORTANT THING: Always make sure you blot excess water off on a paper towel & always load your brush with enough paint so you have a good coverage with the first coat.

To start, first lightly sand all edges & any rough spots

Wet your filbert brush by dipping in water & blot off on a paper towel

Load brush with orange as your base coat, paint the pumpkin, the letter A & R. Do around edges & if you want the back, too.

Next, clean brush well & blot on to the paper towel
Load brush with grass green as your base coat, paint the leaf on the pumpkin & the letter H, including edges

Again clean your brush
Load brush with yellow ochre, paint the letters V & E

Clean your brush thoroughly
Now you will load your brush with light orange, paint the last 2 letters, S &  T

Clean your brush
For the last base coat load brush with burnt umber, paint stem, but now when you clean your brush, clean it real good, because you will be changing brushes at this point

Now you will be using your flat brush to do a dry brush technique

Load a very small amount of burnt umber, then wipe off on to a paper towel until its almost dry looking
This time you are going to dry brush with the burnt umber over the base coat of  the letters S & T

Clean brush real good & blot dry until almost all the water is out & the brush is just damp to dry feeling
Load a small amount of thicket wipe any excess paint on paper towel until almost dry, then you will dry brush the letters V & E

It's time to clean your brush again & blot dry again like before
This time load your brush with a small amount of the color terra cot ta & wipe off on the paper towel, dry brush over the letters A & R, also dry brush down left side of pumpkin & also the left side of center of pumpkin for a shadow look

Clean brush & do as before
Load with a small amount of the color yellow ochre & dry brush over the leaf & letter H

Yes you got to clean that brush again this time extra good cause  you are done with this brush

Last you are going to use your liner brush

With black take the liner brush dip into the paint & roll the end of the bristles around. Take the brush & brush back & forth once or twice to take off any excess paint.
Now with the black paint you are going to paint stitch lines  on all pieces as shown in the pic.

Clean your brush thoroughly, because you are done,  YAYYYYYYY

You can also add some raffia to the top & maybe sand the edges like I am thinking of doing.

I really hope that everybody enjoyed HOME DECOR WEEK &  the free instructions.

I appreciate very much for all the people that have been reading my blog, especially my followers & for the ladies that have left comments.
I would really appreciate more people to sign up to become a follower of my blog  & also a lot more comments.
Now I  would love to hear more comments about if you liked the free instructions this week with my projects & if Y'all would like me to do more projects with free instructions to post on my blog?
The more interest I get, the more I will continue to do this. Please, I want to hear from you.

I hope Y'all had a Wonderful & Blessed Day, as I did.


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  1. I think what you done this week was great. Your directions were easy enough to read and follow. Are you going to enter the ACM Plaid contest? I think you should.