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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


 Don't be surprised everybody, but there isn't much to say today. I worked on my crafts for a couple of hours & did a few other things.
In the morning I have to get up very early, because I am going with my future DIL & my grandson to the docs about an hour away. We have to leave the house by 8:30am to be there on time. My grandson has had trouble swallowing, so he is going for some kind of therapy. He is so young to be going through this, I am praying & I am so tired of things happening in my family that isn't good things.
Marie, thanks for the ideas for Christmas projects, I have been getting some great ideas for the Holidays to make. I will be doing the HOME letters to sell, but they are a little smaller than the ones I did for myself..
The shadow box that I'm working on with quilling inside, I feel is coming out really nice.
I am going to go to bed & I will be back tomorrow, I hope you will too.
Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day tomorrow.

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