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Monday, October 11, 2010


I am sooo bad because I got up so very late today. Sorry to keep on complaining, but I was aching so bad it's  like I can predict the weather. I just couldn't motivate myself, then around 2pm our neighbor who recently moved away, stopped in for a short visit. She had back surgery a little over a week ago & she came back with a friend to pick up some more of her things. It was so great to see her, because she will be missed as our neighbor. I told her that I feel her pain, because she was cut across her tummy & the docs put in pins & replaced a couple of discs.
I had all my discs replaced, since mine were all deteriorated, I have 2 rods, one on each side of my spine & also a few bolts & screws. I bet I can tune in & get some music with all the metal in my back. So I do know the pain that she is in, it's an awful pain. Even though her surgery wasn't as involved as mine & she was only in the hospital a week, any kind of back surgery, a person will always have some kind of effects afterwards.
Later in the day, I worked on my wooden things & base coated 3 frames, since I have all the painting done on the larger birdhouse & the 2 mini birdhouses.
Now the next step for the birdhouses is to glue the decorative papers to them. I found some very pretty papers to coordinate with the paint. Then I would like to do some quilling on them, a bird, some moss, then I should be done with these.
I apologize for being such a ninny LOL, because I was so excited about making these craft items to put in my sons shop, I forgot to take pics of them before, when they were unfinished. But I think that you will be able to visualize what they looked like when they were just plain pine. SORRY FOR MY BRAIN FORGETTING.

This is a pic before I put the paper on, this will show you what they look like so far & the paper that I picked out. It probably doesn't look that great yet, but I hope when they are finished they will look good enough to sell & I am also showing the backs so you can see the unfinished wood.
I have to go back to AC Moore to pick up a few things that I will need, but I am waiting for a check that I deposited on Friday to clear, so I have enough $$$ to purchase these extra things. Then I will be done with the birdhouses to show you & to put aside until I finish some more craft items to take to the shop.
Hope your day was as nice as mine.
Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day tomorrow.

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