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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hey Y'all, I never got to post anything yesterday. It was a very busy day for me, with all the errands & chores around the house. Also my hubby & I went to see my son Christophers' new auto repair shop. While we were there I spent a little time with my granddaughters & DIL. She works in the office during the day, then leaves at 3pm to go home to pickup the 2 boys at the bus stop who she watches until their mom picks them up. So after she left we spent some time with Chris, talking about his business & I am going to see if I can cut out letter stencils from my Cricut, so he can stencil the name of his shop in the showrooms window. It was so nice to sit & chat with him.
Today, I did some things around the house, then made this project to show you. It's something that was very quick & easy to do.
Here are the supplies that you will need;

4) 5"x7" chipboard
4) 3"x4" chipboard frames ( which I forgot to include in the supplies pic)
4) 2" chipboard assorted colored flowers or any flowers you desire to use
4) 3/4" assorted colored buttons
1" high chipboard numbers to say 2010
Assorted 4 colored co-ordinating  papers of your choice ( I used 2 each of 8"x10" paper from Cosmo cricket to cover front & back of chipboard)
24" of contrasting ribbon
3/4" chipboard heart
1)title( I used the title 5 1/2"X 1 1/2" which says PRICELESS MEMORIES from MY MINDS EYE(LAUNDRY LINE)
About a yard & a half of twine
CROP A DI LE II or any hole punch for a 1/8" hole that will go through chipboard
Adhesive of your choice ( I used my GLUE GLIDER PRO, POP DOTS & A XYRON
Sm. piece of sandpaper

First cut all papers 5"x7" to fit the chipboard
1- Cover front of each piece of chipboard in assorted papers, using your glue glider pro
2- Cover back of each piece of chipboard with same papers as the front

3- Punch 6 holes on both of the long sides of chipboard ( which the first hole punched 1/2" in from end,
then punch hole 1/2" in from opposite end. Then 1/2" in from the first 2 holes at each end, so you will have your first set of holes 1/2" apart at each end. Then the center holes will be punched 2" in from  first  set of holes from left end then punch another hole 1/2" after the last center hole, so this hole should be 2'' from the right set of  holes
Then you will do the same thing on the other long side opposite these 6 holes.
You will do this on all 4 pieces of chipboard
If you can't understand what I meant about the position of the holes, please contact me & I will try to explain it better to you.
Next lightly sand edges of the 4 boards
Next embellish each piece of chipboard as shown in the pic. You can also sand the frames
I used pop dots for the flowers & to attach the buttons to the flowers
Attach the frames, heart, 2010 & title by running them through the Xyron machine or anything you wish to use. The title goes on the top board, the 2010 at the very bottom & heart as shown in the pic.
Finally take twine & do a criss cross design to attach each piece of chipboard together, tie in the back
On the bottom 5"x7" chipboard, take twine & do a running stitch & tie in the back

Due a running stitch with the ribbon on the top 5"x7" chipboard, have to 2 ends match evenly & tie, so  you can hang your design
When you want to put your pics in the frames, just pop it in the center of the frame or if you know what pics you are going to use ahead of time, put them in befor you attach the frame, but run the frame through the Xyron first.

That's it & I hope that you will try to  make one for yourself or for a gift.

Hope you had a Wonderful& Blessed Day

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  1. Hi Dee- I did not get to post on my blog until late last night. I had a busy day with doctors and lab work. So I did not see your post & I was hoping you were alright. Congrats on your son's body shop. You can do alot with your Cricut. I love mine. Thanks,