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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Thanks Terrie so much for always posting on my blog, it means so much to me that you always find time to post something. How did you make out with the doc & I know that you probably  won't get your results back on your lab work for a few days. You are always in my prayers, my southern buddy. I do really hope that when I finally move to VA, we somehow get to finally meet.

Today it was a busy one for me, trying to get several things done & as you know it takes forever cause I have to rest several times in between my tasks. I had to be on the phone several times during the day & then after dinner, I got out my cricut & started cutting out word stencils for my sons showroom window. He has a big sign that lights up & is on the roof, but we talked & thought it would be a good idea to put the name & phone number in the big window since it's more eye level. His shop is on a very busy road, on a cornor , being a very busy intersection & you can see his shop coming down the hill.

So I went through my carts to see which one would be good for the lettering & phone number. I decided to use the GEORGE AND BASIC SHAPES cart & I used the silhouette key to make the stencils. I think they came out pretty good. The largest size was 11 1/2" &  smallest was 8 1/2". Then I used the HERITAGE cart & cut out a truck & a car. I don't know if he will use them, but I thought it would be a nice accent. I am going to try & drop off the stencils tomorrow.

Since I was working on the stencils & didn't have any time to make something to post. I'm glad at least I made the quick project Wednesday, cause I might not have time to do anything else this week, I'll see.
I was really hoping that I would of gotten more of a response on the projects & free designs. Maybe what I made didn't interest my lookers & followers. Maybe I'll have to come up with a different subject for projects next week. Have any subject ideas for me my buddy? What would you like to see Terrie?
I would also like to hear from other people out there in blog land, what would you like to see me make?

Hey did I mention that my youngest son is down in Orlando FL. this week on vacation with his baby boy & his sons mommy? I don't know if anybody remembers what I posted a week ago, about going to the mall with him to buy something. But at the time I couldn't say why he wanted me to go with him & what the secret was, well he wanted me to help him pick out an engagement ring & so this week in FL he got engaged. My hubby, myself & her parents are very happy for them. She's a real nice girl, good to Steven & they have known each other since school. In fact I was her boss at my last job before I had my cancer & even at that time she always called me mom, I guess it was meant to be, just as long as she makes Steven happy & I have to say that she is a very good mom to my grandson.

Well that's all for today.
May you have a Wonderful & Blessed Day.
See Y'all soon.

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  1. WOW, great news about your son & his girlfriend. I know they are enjoying FL. Who would not? I will email you about my visit to the MD. I want to see pictures of your project. Can you take pictures before & after you have your stencil done on the windows. You may want to blog about this. I think that would be iteresting. Don't know if others would -
    I am going to email you now.