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Friday, October 8, 2010


I was so happy that it was warm & the sun was out. I went to my sons repair shop to deliver the stencils that I made for him.
Sorry, but I didn't take any pics of the stencils before I gave them to him, but once he uses them & the window is done, I will try to get a pic of it all done.
If anybody is interested how I did it, I used my CRICUT EXPRESSION & THE GEORGE AND BASIC SHAPES  cart & cut each letter out. He wanted the name & phone number at least 10" high, so I set each letter with the BUTTON  FIT TO PAGE, so the outside of the stencil was 11 1/2", but the inside where he will paint is about 10".
Then another part said SERVICE & REPAIR, I cut them out at 8 1/2". I hope that everything will fit in the window. It is a very large window that about 93" wide, he wants to put the letters on a curve, so I hope it works. Oh yes, I also used the SILOUETTE BUTTON, that way it cut out the centers so they can be used as a stencil.
I also used the HERITAGE cart & cut out a car & truck, that way if he wants he can use the outline of it as a stencil too. I just did that for fun wth the vehicles.
After, I left his shop I went to AC Moore & picked up a few wooden things to work on. I haven't decided yet how I will decorate the wood, but as I do each one I will post a before & after pic. I bought 2 small birdhouses, a medium birdhouse, 2 frames, a shadow box, some wooden letters & some wooden plaques.
I bought these so I can decorate them to sell at my sons shop. This way I will be decorating his showroom & hopefully while the customers are waiting for their vehicles to get done, maybe they will look at my things & purchase something or even ask for a special order for me to do. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because I could really use the extra money for the holidays.
When I get done posting on my blog, I will get to work on one of the items & maybe I will have something to show you tomorrow or definitely by Monday.
I hope your day was absolutely a Wonderful & Blessed Day, like mine was.

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  1. Hope you will post a pic of your son's window soon.. I am so envious. I have always wanted a die cutting machine, but so expensive.

    I can't wait to see your next projects. I LOVE the wooden letters you have done already.

    Love ya lady.