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Saturday, October 9, 2010


Oh how I wish this beautiful weather would stay a lot longer. I am not a winter person anymore, but when I was a child & when my boys were young I just loved playing in the snow & sledding. Not anymore unless my granddaughters are here for a visit, I will play in the snow not letting them know how every bone in my body aches. Wouldn't it be nice to be that young again & healthy without every part of your body yelling out, please give me a pain pill, so all us bones can rest LOL.
 I can't wait until we finally move to Virginia, where the warmer weather is around longer & the winters are shorter. My friend Marie whom lives in Mass., I just don't know how she handles  that cold weather & the way she is in so much pain like me. Even though she hurts Marie still keeps busy with her crafts & has recently made all her Christmas cards which are just beautiful. She is always on my mind & I am always worried about her.
 Then I have another friend Terrie whom I keep in touch with often, like Marie & I do. Terrie lives in N. Carolina which her weather is much warmer than Marie's, but my friend Terrie suffers with RA. She tries so hard to keep herself busy with her crafts, even with all the pain that her RA gives her in her hands & wrists she does beautiful work, too.
 I have met so many nice ladies whom are crafters, but we have never met in person. Maybe someday I will be able to meet each one in the future.
Here I am wishing for warm & nice weather to last, but what I am more grateful for is my precious crafting friends. Friendship is a precious gift when you know that you have true friends like I do & I know who my true friends are.
Many thanks my dear friends for being there for me & for all your encouragement that you have given me along the way.
Boy can I talk a lot, LOL. I apologize for going on about this, but it was on my mind & I needed to talk about it, but heck isn't that what a blog is all about to say what is on your mind?
Today, I went over to visit our neighbors who moved in a few months ago. They are such a nice couple in their 70's, but you would never know it. I can't believe all the work she did in her yard  in such a short time. She is in good health, but her hubby has a bad heart, but is so much fun to be around. Gloria loves to do decorative painting like me & they both grew up on a farm. They are real country folk like I am a country girl & love my roosters. My hubby & I said if we are allowed to have a rooster & hens on our new property, it will happen cause their is nothing like fresh eggs.
Anyway, Gloria sent me home with homemade molasses cookies fresh from the oven & also a nice afternoon visiting with Gloria & Rodney.
My son Steven got back from his trip to Florida this afternoon. He drove 19 hours & when he got home after dropping off his baby boy & his new fiance at her house, he went to bed & slept until early this evening. He told us he would never drive to Fl. ever again, he will fly next time unless he decides to move down there & I really feel that after they get married, they will move to Clearwater Fl, because he just loves it there.
I didn't get chance last night  to work on my first project for my sons showroom to sell, but this evening I got out my Folk Art paints & started painting the larger wooden birdhouse. It seems to be going well & tomorrow I am getting out my scrap booking paper to match what I have painted so far, so that should be interesting how that goes.
Oh yes, after Chris gets his showroom window done I will take a ride up there to take a pic. I will try to remember to give him a call tomorrow to see if he used the stencils yet on the window.
Well that's all for today & I hope Y'all will come back tomorrow to see what I am up to next.
Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day.

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  1. Dee,
    Every day I think of you.. what new project has she done? What adventure has she been on?
    Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the leaves as they turn color, pumpkins, Halloween. Winter is very hard for me and getting harder.. like you every bone screams for help, but I too remember those wonderful winters when I bundled my son up and out we went. Those memories help make the long winters up North bearable.

    I know in my heart that we will meet some day.. a trip to Virginia would be so great for both hubby and I. Staying in touch with you has been my God Send.. you are my miracle friend for whom I will be eternally grateful. All my love, Marie