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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Boy it's raining like they say cats & dogs. One minute is just sprinkling, then whoosh, down it comes in buckets. How am I suppose to get my Fall cleaning & windows washed in this weather? YUK.
Well I got up very early, got my shower so I could watch my grandson today for a few hours. I don't mind because he is such a good baby. This Saturday & Sunday I am having both of my granddaughters over.
I went to AC Moore the other day & picked up 4 little projects for the 5 year old to do. She loves doing crafts with her NA NA(me). I am looking forward to their stay, but I sure know when they leave I will be exhausted, because they wear me out. But I love it & it's worth it to be with them when I can.
Also today I went to a new salon that recently opened near me, so my grandsons mom, her mom & myself  went & got our hair trimmed, the girl did a very good job.

So this is the project that I worked on today. Let me explain what supplies you will need & how I put it together. This idea is from a design that I did many years ago. I am going to put flat hooks on the back of each letter & hang them on the wall.

I purchased 8" high unfinished MDF letters that spelled HOME
Used 5corodinating heavy card stock 12"x12", 1 each
8 assorted flowers
6 brads
1 bookplate & a Sm. piece of cream card stock to insert inside of the bookplate w/ your last name ex. The Smiths
1 rub-sheet of small letters to spell FAMILY
1 metal rimmed tag
36" of 1/4" ribbon, I used self adhesive ribbon
Fine grit sandpaper
Adhesive, the directions say to use spray adhesive, but I used Martha Stewart gel adhesive to glue the card stock & glue dots for all the embellishments
Ranger Distress Ink color Broken China
Exacto Knife & scissors

1) For the letter H, cut a piece of  card stock 8"x3 for the top of the letter, glue paper to the letter as shown in the pic.
2) Cut the middle piece of card stock 6 1/2"x2" glue to letter matching up against the bottom edge of first paper.
3) Cut bottom piece8"x3 1/2", glue matching up top edge to bottom of middle piece.
4) Turn the letter over & trim all edges with an exacto knife.
Lightly sand any rough edges

With the letter O
1) For the top of the letter, cut a piece of card stock 8"x7" glue to the letter as shown in the pic.
2) For the bottom half cut card stock 7 1/2"x3", glue matching up to edge to bottom edge of the first paper that was glued to the letter O
3) Turn the letter over & trim with the knife, lightly sand edges

With the letter M
1)Cut card stock for the top of letter 8"x4 1/2", glue to the top
2) For middle cut paper 6 1/2"x2 1/2", glue top edge of this paper up against bottom edge of top paper
3)Cut bottom piece 8 1/4"x2", glue top edge of this piece up against the bottom edge of middle piece
4) Turn letter over & trim around edges with knife, then lightly sand edges

With the letter E
1)Cut top piece of card stock 6 1/4"x1 3/4" glue to the letter
2) Cut middle piece 5 1/2"x5" & glue to letter as you did for all the other ones
3) Cut last & bottom piece 6"x1 3/4" & glue to bottom just like the other letters
4) Turn letter over & trim edges as before

Now you can distress with ink if you wish like I did  or not
Glue all embellishments on the letters as I did in the pic
You can put flat hooks on the back of each letter if you would like to hang your word.
You can also spell any word & do it the same way as I did for the word Home.
There is a lot of possibilities, you can even use Holiday paper & spell HO HO HO or BELIEVE or something else.
You can also just paint the letters & embellish the letters.
OK, now let your creativity flow & have some fun

I am hoping that you have liked the free Home Decor instructions & ideas that I have posted so far this week.
There is one more for Friday on this subject, so I will see you tomorrow.
I hope that nobody has floated down stream, cause I'm starting to feel like a duck LOL

Hope your day was a Wonderful & Blessed one.


  1. I LOVE IT!! I am impressed. Great work. I went shopping today with my Mom and I have not been on the computer much today. I need to go do house work before Hubby comes home. We are going to Chucky Cheese for my belated birthday party with some friends. Another celebration with food. Man it is hard to keep weight off during birthday time. Hope you have a blessed weekend. I know it will be great with the grandchildrens. Love, Terrie

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE THOSE LETTERS! I will have to save up for some and do that in my craft room.

    Enjoy the grandchildren.

    Love, Marie