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Monday, September 20, 2010


Well here it is Monday & you are probably wondering what happen to me for the past two days. I got up early Saturday morning not really feeling that good, but I knew that I was suppose to watch my grandson. His mom dropped him off around 8:30 am. Thank goodness he was sleepy, so him & I took a little nap. He didn't sleep long, but it helped me somewhat. Then I decided to take him for a nice long walk for fresh air for the both of us & I thought also that it would make me feel better if I got out of the house. Unfortunately when we returned I felt worse & every part of me ached. So we both had another nap & I'll tell you by the time his mom came to pick him up around 2pm, even though he was so good, I couldn't wait to get back into bed. I just couldn't believe how awful I felt. Well to make a long story short, I was sick all day Sunday too & didn't get out of bed until around 3pm. I don't know what I had but I felt like someone had beat me up.
I am feeling much better this morning, still with little or no energy & I can't believe I wasted a whole beautiful weekend like that. I am hoping as my day goes on I will start to feel better & get something accomplished,
Since I haven't created anything new for the past three days, I put my mind in create mode early this morning  & designed this quick little card for you. It isn't too detailed in design, but I felt I had to make something for my followers to see. Hope you enjoy it.
I want to thank my good friend Terri for being so concerned about me & I hope that your plastic canvas creation is going well for you. Gee, I haven't done that for about 10 years & I always loved it because there were so many different things that you can make with plastic canvas from a flat design with texture to a 3 dimensional design. You really got me thinking now & I really hope that you will post your finished design on my blog for all of us to see. I pray for you each day for you to be without pain, it's not a fun thing to have.
May Y'all have a Wonderful & Blessed Day.

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  1. Dee - this is the last days of summer, you got to get better and enjoy them. Sickness SUCKS!! Love that card. Anyone who would get that card would be blessed that you made it no matter how you felt. Get better QUICKLY!!!
    Love you friend