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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today turned out to be a beautiful one, the weather was just right here. This morning my grandson was over for a few hours, then his mom came to pick him up after work & who shows up but my dil, granddaughters & my oldest son. They spent the afternoon here, I wanted them to stay for dinner, but they had plans to go out to eat. We have an ice cream truck that comes through our neighborhood & the girls were so excited for their dad to buy them ice cream. My 4 year old granddaughter & I had craft hour, she made a Halloween necklace. She did mostly everything herself, looked at the picture to follow how it should look. She even put the glitter on the pumpkin & leaves, but her mom & I had to help her a  on the leaves cause she messed them up a little. Otherwise I think that she did a real nice job for a 4 year old. We always do something together when she comes over, like crafting or baking something good. The necklace  wasn't dry when she left, so Lilyana was a little upset cause she had to leave it with me. I told her that her mommy is just going to have to bring her back real soon.
On the 26th is her sisters birthday. Sophia-Lynn is turning 2. Where does the time go, it seems that my boys were that young not long ago.
I am posting the pic of the necklace that Lilyana made today. I mentioned to my dil that ACMOORE has a make & take on Saturdays for kids & that I would like to take her. She will be 5 Christmas Day, but acts like she is 8 & boy is she smart.
Hope Y'all enjoyed your Saturday maybe were a little crafty, too.
Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day.
PS. Sorry for the pants folded in the background, it was the only thing at the time I could grab that was solid to put the necklace on.

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  1. Nice job
    Cute necklace
    Hope you have a great weekend