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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hello everyone, it is a beautiful day here in PA.. I got up very early just couldn't sleep, so I made another card. I really should get more than one done a day, but I have a situation with my craft supplies. I work out of my master bedroom which is a very small room. I can't leave all my craft supplies out when I am done & the table that I work on is a snack tray which I put next to my bed. By the time I get everything setup, I'm too exhausted to do a lot of crafting. I know that it might not sound like a big deal, but with my health problems it makes it harder for me. I want to be able to craft more than I do & I asked my dh if he would help me change things around, so maybe I can get to my supplies a little easier. His answer was we will see, so who knows what that means LOL
I was wondering if anybody has any ideas or projects to post, cause I would love to see what you have made. I am hoping for more comments from more of my followers, come on & join in.
I hope your day is going well as expected. Let me know what you think about my card. I used some more of the quilled flowers that I had made recently. ENJOY!
Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day

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