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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well it wasn't much of a productive day here at my home. Right after I woke up it started to rain, so I wasn't in much of a mood for any Fall cleaning. I could of cleaned the oven or cleaned & re-arranged some cabinets, but my heart just wasn't into it. It would of even been a good day to bake, but that didn't occur to me to do that until now, plus we still had a little apple pie left, but not anymore I just had the last delicious piece, I'm so bad. You know I guess I just wanted to be lazy today, because I was sure coming up with a lot of excuses, lol.
So the day wasn't a complete loss I did do a couple loads of wash & after dinner I worked on my Quilling skills, since I am so new to this art. I only did Quilling one other time when I made my Happy Thoughts card that I posted back on Sept. 1st. That was my first attempt to the art. I did find out that it isn't as hard as I thought it would be. The basics are very easy & I know I need to learn a lot more techniques, but I know for sure I will learn & get even better over time. I also learned how to do the fringed flowers that look like little mums or carnations. It wasn't hard & I did find an easier way after my first two. There is a fringe machine that I could buy, but it's a little pricey for me right now. So I will do it the old fashion way.
I made these few flowers, some leaves & a tiny pumpkin. Can you figure out which is the pumpkin? I know where it is, but can you find  where it is in the picture?  HEE, HEE. Hope you enjoy taking a peak at what I worked on this evening. Now I will have to decide if  I should make more& then what I am going to make with all these pieces.
Did you know that Quilling was born over 500 years ago when the stay at home ladies found out what they could do with strips of paper, even old newspapers, an art was born. This was an art along with Embroidery, Quilting & knitting. Ladies even back then found a way to recycle the things that they had already used. There is more info on Quilling, so if anybody would like to know more of the history on Quilling, leave a comment on this post & I will tell you more about the history. It's very interesting to me to learn the history of  the Craft that I am doing, what about you?
Hope Y'all had a Wonderful & Blessed Day.

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  1. Dee - I love the picture and yes the pumpkin was easy to find. Great work, I am totally proud of you. It looks like it would have been so hard to make. You go girlfriend!