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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It has been another busy day here at my home in PA. Worked on my Fall cleaning of my kitchen. I scrubbed down the counter tops & some more walls, changed things around on the counters. I guess I was tired of the same old  way things were & I just needed a change. So hopefully by the end of the week  I'll have everything cleaned in the kitchen, then I'll be happy. I just love it when everything is all shiny & clean it makes me so happy. After I get everything done I will start decorating for the Fall. I put Fall flowers around inside & out of the house, with pumpkins & gourds. I love everything to look natural since I decorate in the country look. I buy real mums to put in my flower box & on each side of my front steps. I have a cute scarecrow that I put out by the front porch & I also have a Fall sign that I hang by the front door.Since I decorate like this I can leave it all up until I get ready for Christmas. For Thanksgiving all I have to do is add some turkeys & a cornucopia to my decorations. I'm sorry but I don't decorate for Halloween since my boys grew up, I don't even give out candy, cause years ago we would get older kids that came to the door & they were not very nice. Trick or Treating was suppose to be for small children, but then it got out of hand  & the big  kids ruined it. I probably will get something together for my grandchildren,but that's about it.
So I was wondering how all my followers are doing?I only hear from one follower, which I am so grateful for, but I don't hear from my other followers.  I wish that I would get more comments left on my blog. I didn't even hear from anyone yesterday, I guess everybody was busy or just didn't have anything to say. I really hope in time that will change. Anyway,
I didn't get time to create anything, so when I was digging out some Fall decorations I found this slate that I painted in 1999 after I took a few decorative painting classes. It isn't perfect, but it was one of the first things that I did at home on my own without a pattern. So I thought I would post a pic of it to show you what my first attempt was on my own.
Hope Y'all Had a Wonderful & Blessed day. I will see what tomorrow brings & I'll see you then.


  1. So who is your favorite follower?
    LOL! You are so talented about doing your house work & decorating for Fall. I do wish we lived closer. You need to rub off on me so I will do some stuff around the house. I was busy watching HSN off & on ALL DAY yesterday, so I did not do much on the computer. You have to love a 24 hour craft show.

  2. You are too funny. I watched HSN off & on too. I really wanted the new Cricut Imagine, but can't afford it. I wish we lived closer too. When we move to VA next year, we will be living in South Central VA I wonder how far apart from each other we will be then. HUGS