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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I know, I know I said that I would post earlier today, sorry.
 It turned out to be a busy day for me, I had a few unexpected phone calls. Then my son Steven asked me to go to the mall with him & I'm not a mall person, but we only had to go to one store. I can't say right now what he bought cause it's a surprise, but by next week I will let you know.
I got home late & didn't get to make the last kit until late this evening, but I was determined to finish it. I didn't want to disappoint my followers,  I hope that you like this last one of the 3.

If you would like to make something similar to this kit you will need to buy,

7) 5"x7" chipboard lacing cards naked, which you can paint or paper
7) 3"x3" chipboard letters to spell the word FRIENDS
3) 3"x3" chipboard photo frames
2) 2 1/2" chipboard flowers
2( 1 1/2 round chipboard buttons
1)3"x4" chipboard star
1)3"x4" chipboard heart
adhesive, I used glue dots that are super strength & no glue mess
7) yards total ribbon of 3 colors, about 2 1/4" of 2 colors & about 2 1/2" of the color

First you do is distress the edges of all the pieces, by lightly sanding or inking. I just lightly sanded the edges to make them a worn look.
If the pieces don't have the holes punch, you will need to do that for the ribbons to be tied.
I glued the buttons to the flowers
Next I cut 6) 4" pieces of a color ribbon & tied on the pieces as in the pic
Cut 4) each of the 2 other colors at 4" each, then tie to appropiate pieces as in the pic
Cut 8) pieces of ribbon, 4 each of 2 colors at 6" each, attach 4 of one color to the one side of the first card & repeat with another color on one side of last card
Glue all chipboard pieces on the cards as shown in the pic
Then lace together all the cards, you cut each length of ribbon 22" long.
Lace the cards like you are lacing your shoes, tie the ends in the back and

Voila, your done.

I really hope that you have enjoyed these 3 kits from COSMO CRICKET, I know that I enjoyed making them, posting the instructions for you to  make similar ones like these. Maybe you will give these ideas a try.
You can get similar chipboard pieces at your local AC Moore or Micheals. Create & have fun.

They can be put on a shelf & I was also thinking adding ribbon or hooks to the back & hang them on the wall.
I would like to hear your ideas on these 3 kits, how you would decorate your home with them.

You can also take this idea & chnge the words on them for Holiday Greetings or make them longer for bigger words like for a little girl that she is your PRINCESS, or one more idea how about a childs name to put in their room.
The possibilities are endless
Please leave your comments or ideas, because I would love to hear from you.

Tomorrow I have something a little different in mind to create, so I hope you will stop by later
 tomorrow to see what I am creatng to show Y'all.
I hope that your day was a Wonderful & Blessed Day.

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  1. I think your kits would look great as wall hangings. Embellishments would work great with them also. Great work my friend.

    We have had rain for 2 days now. We are still under a flood watch.