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Friday, September 24, 2010


Sorry I am posting so late today. It was one of those days when I was so busy & the day just flew by.
My 9 month old grandson was in a BABY PAGENT in N. J. today & came in second place. I was so proud & happy when I heard about his victory, we have a little star in the family. I AM SUCH A PROUD GRANDMOM.
As I mentioned the other day I am a member of the AC Moore Forum. Besides hosting the October Card & ATC Swap, I also joined in on a crochet-a-long. Another member hosts this one & for the past few months she has been posting 8" square crochet patterns, one or two each month.
Now you can make more than one square each month to make something out of it, such as a tote like one of the girls made for herself, then with each new pattern you can make something different each month.
Me, I always have to do things differently, so I have been crocheting one or two squares a month using my scraps of yarn that I have laying around. What I want to do is when I get enough different pattern squares done, I am going to make a patchwork scrappy crocheted throw. Here is a pic of what squares I have crocheted so far.The squares haven't been blocked yet, so they are a little out of shape.
 I sure have a long way to go. The newest square which I crocheted last night was the one with the bands of different colors going around the small cream granny square.
Maybe one of my followers have their own  idea for what to do with all these different squares.
Please post a comment of any idea that you would like to do.
Again I hope you have a Wonderful & Blessed evening.

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  1. Hey Lady, I emailed you. I like the daisy looking square. Could you make throw pillows out of those? Just buy the foam pillow and stitch them to the pillow. Just a thought. I am proud of your sweet grandson. I know you must be "beeming" with joy. He must take back after his grandmother (you).