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Friday, September 17, 2010


Gee I can't believe that Friday is here already, the week just seems to fly by.
I am very sorry but I didn't get anything done today, I just haven't been feeling good. No energy, very tired & my body aches. I hope that I'm not coming down with the flu.
I did talk to my 2 little granddaughters on the phone today, they are so darn cute  & tomorrow I am suppose to watch my grandson.
I am truely sorry for no pics to show you.

I will be back tomorrow & hoping that I will be feeling much better, so I can be productive & create something. I just hate it when I feel that I have wasted a whole day & didn't accomplish anything.
As I was growing up my mom always said to me that BUSY HANDS ARE HAPPY HANDS.
So that's why I feel the way I do when I haven't done anything.
Does that make sense to anyone else?
Now I know that I do have people stopping by to checkout my blog everyday & I thank you all for that, but what I am wondering is
why don't you leave a comment or show me your work. I would be very pleased to see what you have created. The whole idea of my blog is to show what I do each day & to inspire other crafters to show their crafts & leave comments.
Come on show me what interest you in this crafty world. Since my blog isn't just about one craft & more about several crafts, this blog is opened to all crafters.
I hope that Y'all had a Wonderful & Blessed Day.

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  1. Sorry you don't feel good my dear friend. Tomorrow is a new day & hopefully it will be a better one for you. I have been sorking on plastic canvas. I have not done this in over 15 years. Since my RA is really giving me a fit, I am trying this to see if I can accomplish something. Don't know if I will be able to do it or not. Don't know until I try. I will check in with you tomorrow to see how you are doing. Get a good night sleep.